Order of things, kingdom and time management

Just got my Kingdom and have taken a few baby steps in Kingdom management. But I am confused when to do what. When to manage and when to quest for instance. As far as I understand things:

  • at the beginning of the month you visit your capitol and take care of things; assign duties, rank up if possible, etc (small things can also be managed on the road)
  • if you assign a companion on a task, can he/she still accompany you on quests during that time?
  • perhaps build some buildings
  • when all management is done, go to the world map and start questing; main quests first or (like I tend to do) side quest first?

Any insight is appreciated!

SPOILER: there is an excellent guide for kingdom management to be found on Steam

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Thank you, i’m studying it now!

So, Am I correct that on the beginning of the month you take care of your kingdom and when done with that you spent the remainder of the month questing?

Also, should I do main quests asap ?

You can take your time, depending how good are your % chances to solve Main Quest Problem cards in Kingdom Managment events like Troll Sighting and Troll Raids, and if it is around 85% (or if you try save scumming) you can take your time a little.
I would recomend doing most of main quest (so you can beeline to final dungeon in case of emergency). Then finishing it when you start getting Troll Raids(= basically worse Troll Sighting).

If you are good at Kingdom Managment, you can try to prolong solving main quest, but if you take way, way too long then you can get even 8 Raids in one week which is impossible to solve, since you also get normal problem cards so you can get like 10 cards that needs to be solved in 2 week, and that will create more Unrest.

IMPORTANT TIP: Look in the Journal at Curse of Bald Hillop, it has counter that basically corresponds to start of the next chapter.

In chapter 5 you will get Main quest problem cards that if successful gives you +10 to almost every kingdom stat. In this case I would reccomend doing everything other than final Dungoen, grinding your stat for few weeks if needed then finshing the chapter.


Problem card event is called - Pitax Spy
Final Dungeon is Pitax Castle.

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@WiseRaven Thanks for the elaborate reply. Ho do I tell what act I am in?
It all still seems very confusing for me and I feel constant pressure when I am out on adventuring. Interferes with my enjoyment of the game. I feel the game tries too hard to make you fail. Will see how things play play out. The RPG side of things I have no problems with and enjoy that part very much …

Can tell chapter by Journal.
Stag Lord is 1st chapter, Troll Trouble is 2nd.
You get barony and after that you will start getting Curse of Bald Hilltop quests, they are numbered.
When you kill a main boss, you solved main quest problem and can do kingdom stuff until 14 days are left, then you solve Curse of Bald Hilltop II and new main quest appears around this time, also you will get Curse of Bald Hilltop III. Etc.

Ok, thanks. So the chapters are really short? In 6 months the game is over? Basicly one month per main quest? Leaves little room for error and exploring. What if I postpone Troll trouble and go on a long exploring trip??

I feel i can’t explore any side locations and have to rush to quest locations to prevent failing. Really lowers my enjoyment. Same for how little you can travel before becoming fatigued. And not being able to manage my kingdom on the road doesn’t help either

Can you wrap everything up after the main story?

The gap between the first and second chapter is pretty short, but things start taking longer after that. There’s closer to 2 or 3 months between Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, for example, if I remember correctly - and closer to a year between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. There’s a decent amount of time during each chapter to finish the main quest and explore all of the new areas you visit - it just looks intimidating at first.

If a card says that somebody wants to speak you to you in your throne room or you want to level up a kingdom stat, you need to be in the capital. But stuff like assigning people to deal with problems and opportunities can be done on the road as long as you’re in a region that you have claimed.

You cannot wrap things up after the main story - when the main story finishes, the game is completely done. But I was able to get all of my advisors to their maximum rank, explore the entire kingdom, beat every quest, and still have lots of time to sit in my throne room and wait for artisans to try and finish their masterpiece work. Seriously, there is some time pressure, but you have a lot more flexibility than you realize once you get into it.

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To add, as you level up you will get fatigued less, but you can even travel exhausted(save often so you can reload if you get in unwinnable random encounter).
If you are worried about how much you can travel on world map without exhaustion(which is tied to encumbrance and Constitution) then, do not loot non magical armor(other than plate) they are heaviest and not really worth it same with weapon, loot only masterwork(worth 100 gold) and magical ones. Oh also composite bows sell for 100g so you can loot that too.

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@PantherX1412 Thanks! Ancient curse part II has been added to my journal and it completes in 90 days. I guess that marks the start of act 3 then? Currently doing the troll trouble quest and I’m in the troll lair. Party is level 6.

@WiseRaven Thanks. That’s exactly what I do, but I still get fatigued a lot. I do carry a lot of stuff in the last tab of the inventory (not sure if I can sell all of those) and a lot of consumables. I should start using those :wink:

You can sell ingredient that have over 10 stacks and books other than Transmutation of Poison I, II and III.
Or if you feel you might need some things later give them to the chest near your throne or in your bedroom.

@WiseRaven Cool good info about books. Wasn’t sure about selling them. I usually just stick them and most my ingredients in the personal stash chest along with other heavy things like spare magic armor I’m not ready to sell yet. I may have all 3 Transmutation of poison books are they a story item that I should keep with me? Is there a way to get a hero to read them? Do I need a certain class of rogue for them to be read and put to use?

How do you Copy recipes or have a hero learn the recipes we find so they will pop up as choices in rest cooking menu??? Have a few and have tried selecting them in inventory screen but nothing happens…

Transmutation books are for Bokken artisan quest after you get barony and build his building in Outskirts village.
Recipes, right click then drop down menu will appear with “Learn Recipe”.

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@WiseRaven Encumbrance / fatigue is tied to Strength, not constitution, right?

Fatigue is connected to level, Con and encumbrance.
Encumbrance is connected to level and Strength.

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Some more kingdom questions;

  1. How important are projects, as they will tie up an advisor for a long time
  2. Should I research curses?
  3. I have 180 days to prepare for ancient curse part II. What does prepare main, normal questing and exploring.
  4. Will the act end when i finish the boss in the troll lair?
  1. Problems and Ranking up is most important. After that Trade agreements (not Sutrova).
  2. Only if you want “secret” ending, I do not recommend it on first try, because you have to do 13 out of 16 curses to have any effect, though you can try it after defeating 5th chapter boss since you get a lot of time.
  3. Ranking up Kingdom Stats and do quests that people bring to your throne room as soon as possible (other than Man requesting to find his brother he is near Varnhold town, but you cannot get there until chapter 4)
  4. Troll Sighting/Raids problem stop that is all. Next arc starts around timer of Curse quests.
    Only chapter 5 starts right after killing chapter 4 boss.
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And there’s DLC, when to do those? I’ve access to this dungeon (Tenebrous Depths, I believe) now, which is DLC afaik, but when should I do this (and other DLC stuff).

Apart from the save bugs (very annoying and time consuming) and the long loading times and the many crashes, I am enjoying the game and I plan to see it through till the end. Could take quite some time, the game itself is really slow and then there’s the saving and loading and crashes. Still only in Act 2 :wink:

Wildcards - New companion Tiefling twins. You decide. Sooner is better. Has companion quest, which spans whole duration of game.
Tenebours Depths - anytime, before going to dungeon in chapter 7, new floors unlocks with new chapters (you will get Event Card saying you had dream of darkness fading away in Tenebrous Depths).
Varnhold’s Lot - Standalone DLC, that adds a little to main game. Do it before killing boss of chapter 4.

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Can someone explain how to improve the unrest level of the kingdom. Mine lowered to “worried” and I don’t know hot to raise it again.