Option to disable Blood & Gore

While I saw in one video (featuring the WotR Beta) that you have an option to disable Bloodstains, I am not sure that it is the same. I guess not.

I would like to disable blood splashes in combat and Gore etc.

Regarding potential alternatives:

  • I don’t like the critter option, so thats not an alternative to me.
  • A discussion on steam about this in Kingmaker mentioned an option to disable “Fog & Fluid animation”, but first I would like to still have fog and other fluids and second I didn’t see this option in the video either.

Thx for your time.


I’d like to chime in on that. I understand that many people don’t see the point, especially not in a gruesome scenario like this.

But I’d also welcome fine control over graphical display of violence. Could even help performance.

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Yes please. I can’t see blood, but the only alternative - critters - is just dumb? Why can’t there be just an option to neither show much blood nor bunnies