Open Beta for 1.2 - Loading Time Feedback Thread

In response player requests, we’ve started looking for ways to decrease loading time. We’ve made a few adjustments in the current version of 1.2, and we’d like to see how they’re faring.

Please, if you’re taking part in the open beta for 1.2, tell us here whether you’ve experienced any change in loading times. Be sure to include info about your set-up - we’re mostly interested in your processor and your hard drive speed.

I can’t really see any difference here. Running a Ryzen 2700x 16GBs, Geforce 1080GTX and an intel 600p NVME SSD.

I think problem for most people is if they computer is bit older (using older HD, not SSD. In system disk). I personally have OS in SSD ( Kingston 512Gb SSDNow kc400 ) while game files are actually in older HD (Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green 64MB SATA3) and have no problems really.

With problems I mean some people literally complain that it can take like 10+ minute to start a game and see pretty much anything (demo/loading screen) instead of black screen. So they are even wondering if they computer crash or went to somekind of loop…

I agree it’s a problem if it takes like 10 minutes, but the load times for this game are still longer than Fallout 4 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on this rig, and those are huge open world games with big textures. To top it off, the game has a ton of points where you have to wait through load screens. Say you’re managing your kingdom, but need more build points. You have to exit out of the kingdom interface, wait for a load screen, exit out of the throne room, wait for a load screen, buy your build points and go back into the throne room, wait for a load screen, go back to the table, wait for a load screen, then if you needed to manage a town, wait for another load screen. The load times in the capital are generally the worst, too, they can be around 10 seconds. So even on a fast rig, you can wind up spending more time looking at load screens than playing the game when you do kingdom management or have to run around your capital. I know this might seem petty, when people have 10 minute load times, but still anything that cuts time down would be welcome.

An alternate tack to take, might be trying to minimize the number of load screens people hit. If you could access the mini map that pops up when you enter your capital from the outside, from any area exit inside your capital it could really speed things up. You could exit the city directly from the throne room or go from the tavern directly to the throne room and not have to trudge through the town square. I know that’d require rethinking some quests/event type things that expect you to go out the front door when leaving, though, so not sure how viable that would be.

For me the loading times for Kingdom Management screen and all Capital areas is the biggest problem by far.
I got a I5 4690 (3.2 ghz) and the game is installed on SSD Samsung 850 Evo.

If devs can find a way to halve that it would change the game for the better. Or make changes like being able to see your current GP amount outside of the Kingdom Management screen or being able to buy GP directly from Kingdom Management screen or at least from a vendor in your throne room.

Any trick to reduce the amount of loading screens needed would help the game a lot. Too many too long loading screens and crappy last two chapters are two biggest complaints about the game (beside the bugs) that I read in multiple places around the internet (including Steam reviews). I have not yet got to play last two chapters but many people said that they are full of copy pasted irritating encounters and lack any special and interesting content that all the chapters before them had.

Now that I played 1.2 a bit more with access to Kingdom Management I there is another thing that can be done to “speed up” the game.
When you are making buildings in specific villages/towns/capital there is no way to see your total stats, you can only see how much is that specific place giving to total score.
So unless the players memorize all 10 values for stats they cannot make informed choices on what to build in that village to so make sure that buildings they are placing will help to reach next advisor rank up threshold.
Then players need to exit that village screen which is a loading screen, check total stats of your kingdom and then enter village again (another loading screen).

I would also suggest we can buy BP directly from village screens as well as general kingdom screen. If you run out of BP while in certain village and want to buy more that is equal to 6 loading screens if you were originally in throne room when you went to do kingdom management! 6! Why torture your players like this?!

The 1.2i update cut the load times in half for me. Most loads are around 3-6 seconds, so great job guys! The kingdom management loads a lot faster, so managing things is a lot less of a hassle.

With the most recent beta update, my loading time got worse :frowning: To be specific, everytime I save, the game lags and takes ~5mins to create an actual save file - if I try to reload the game it takes forever or crashes to desktop :frowning: On the bright side, kingdom management does load faster for me.

Saving a game always took long in later parts of the game. And it does lag during it. I usually pause the game and wait until I get a message that save is done.

Have had an issue since 1.2 where I can’t load from throne room into city.
Basically it starts loading, the points over the loading crown in the left lower corner goes to 4 then stops,and then nothing happens and I need to either shut down pc or log out to force the game to stop, I even waited for 15 min to see if anything happens. Sometimes it just crashes when loading into city.

I hadn’t played the game in a while, loaded up my old save where I was out in the wilderness, no problem there but as soon as I got back to city and had conducted my business in the throne room this happens.

Other issue is that the game has started to eat up memory, sometimes it starts up all clunky and slow and I can’t even load a save or go to settings. Afterwards when I have forced the game shut I can’t get any other game to work until I restart the pc.

Running a i7-7700 @2.80 GHZ // 16GB RAM // SSD