On the Cusp of the Abyss boss fight win goes to black screen

Yes I understand that this quest is the end of the beta, but I don’t think what I am seeing is intended?

I defeat the balor. He does his flame burst thing. He falls over and the screen immediately goes black. And then stays black. I can hear the music and a voice occasionally says something unintelligible… but that’s it. Can’t ESC out of it or anything… I end up having to close the app via task manager.

This is repeatable after closing the app and reloading the save.

Some of the known issues with the zone were solvable with loading the save before entering the zone. For some people changing between turn-based and RTwP modes helped.

Thanks very much for the reply. I am not to worried about it. I logged bug via the interface in game and since I know it is basically the last fight in the beta I am content to wait until the big patch hits to see if that fixes it.

If it doesn’t (if the fix requires starting the dungeon over again) than I will load a save from before…

Thanks again