Number of acts confirmed?

I didn’t find any concrete anwser about it, so sorry if it’s already known, but has there any confirmation about how many acts, or chapters, WotR will have?

I heard rumors about being five, which seems strange to me, since the AP has 6 acts, and if you take Kingmaker, for example, Owlcat actually added a new chapter in comparison with the KM adventure path.

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Unless they cut an entire arc, there should be 6. The first 4 chapters are almost exactly in line with books 1 through 4.

I say almost because I don’t actually know where my copies are to check and say for 100% certain :wink:


Yeah, i must say that, unfortunately, it’s not impossible that they’ll cut the final act, although i really hope that they don’t.
I say this because of some facts:

  • they wanted to make a somewhat shorter game than the first, and i’m practically at the beggining of the 4th act and have more than 60 hours of playtime, so if they add 2 more chapters the game will easily surpass 100 hours.

  • i’m almost at level 15 in this stage, and i’m not having a easy time, mind you, so i don’t know how they would manage the progression of the game to make 2 entire chapters ranging 5 levels in difficulty, without getting somewhat tedious.

Of course, i’m really hoping that they’ll make all the 6 acts, because i’m loving the game, even at this current stage of development, and i want it to be huge, but those facts i mentioned make me think that, if they don’t make some modifications (or perhaps i’m an idiot and am completely wrong, lol), then perhaps they will have to cut one act, or release said act as a future expansion, or something like that.

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I have 41h at the end of Act 3.

Yeah, I don’t know how long act 4 is (played through 3 a couple times, but not further), but I kindof doubt the whole ‘shorter game’ concept is going to come through in the final product unless they remove existing (and good) content.

Having just finished all four acts, Act IV is definitely a lot smaller than II or III.

There was some foreshadowing for Act VI (City of Locusts), so it seems certain that at least a big battle and the Threshhold Tower will be part of the game.

My personal favorite in the tabletop RPG was Act V, Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth. There is a bit of foreshadowing for it at the end of act IV…here’s to hoping Baphomet’s Maze makes the final cut!

Compared to Kingmaker, the level progression is similar; my parties would enter the House at the End of Time somewhere between 15th-18th level (depending on how many side quests and high DC skill checks you hit), and acts V and VI were shorter than the others.

The video game is absolutely much harder than the tabletop series, at least if you pump up the difficulty a bit; IMHO WOTR was the coolest of all adventure paths, but became ridiculously easy in the later books if you had a well designed mythic party. Not so with the video game - I found myself pulling out all the stops to survive the fights.

Here’s hoping you’re right!

Act V will surely be there in its entirety, i think.

And yeah, perhap they’ll make a bigger 5th chapter and will pick some central parts of chapter 6, like this Threshhold Tower (never played the tabe top myself, so i don’t know, hehe) you mentioned, and put in there.

I don’t know if i’m taking so long because i’m enjoying my time, but it didn’t feel like i was playing at a slower pace. We’ll have to wait and see, i guess.

So, i’ve finally finished act 4… in 81 hours, almost 82, and believe me i wasn’t being very thorough in my playthrough, i was just playing as i always do. When the game release it’ll probably take me more than that, because i haven’t done a lot of quests because they were unfinished or bugged.

What i want to say with that is that now i’m pretty sure that the game will have “only” 5 acts, because i’ve finished act 4 on level 19, and on my journal the title of the next act is the same name of the last book of the AP.

I could bet, however, that the 5th book of the AP will come as a expansion, because of the way the 4th act ended.

Anyway, i can’t wait to see this game released, because man, the improvement over KM is pretty evident, with just some personal nitpicks of mine as a down side, but the epic story, the solid gameplay (even with some visible difficulty spikes, just like KM), and the overall design of the game are simply top notch, if not revolucionary in the CRPG genre.

Hopefully they’ll have all six chapters. One of the main problems with Kingmaker was the way it fiinished. The beginning and the middle of the game were great, but the ending was kind of a dud.

I’m hoping Owlcat will learn from that lesson and finish Wrath on a high note. The first four chapters are very good. If they don’t finish chapters 5 and 6 as strong as they started the game, then Owlcat is going to get a reputation for being a company that doesn’t have the ability or desire to give a game a fitting ending. If they don’t have the same amount of chapters as the tabletop version people will start saying that they cut corners to rush products to market.

I expect Owlcat is going to finish Wrath strongly.

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Really? I liked the ending of KM, i thought it was extremely climatic and fitting of an end to a epic journey, since well, you end up killing a small deity, which is what a first world eldest is.

But anyway, i personally and respectfully disagree with you in this point, since i don’t believe that a game’s ending needs to respect the material that inspired the game, in this case the WotR adventure path, to be considered good.

If they end up making a beefy and well designed 5th act, picking stuff from both 5th and 6th books of the AP, and end the game with a plausible and fitting outcome for the main character and the overall story, then is all good to me.

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I just thought the ending of Kingmaker was anti-climactic. Everything else felt pretty epic to me, and the end was just kind of frustrating and more of a pain in the ass. I don’t know why, it just didn’t feel very epic for such an epic story leading up to it. I respect your opinion. To me, it just didn’t feel like the end fit the story very well. It felt kind of rushed when everything else felt very developed.

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