Normal Diff or Hard/harder Elven Druid playthrough

I’m interested in replaying Kingmaker.
In past I finished the game on story diff (yep)
In past I tried regular normal diff and diff between normal and hard. I tried both this difficulties up to attack on my capital
Fore references, diff I tried is set up like this
normal critical
normal enemies
1.0 damage to party
normal enemy stat distribution
normal kingdom managment

I wish to complete the game on diff between normal and hard.

I wish to play Elven druid with a composite longbow.
I have perfect stat distribution for build I really like
I only need feat advice and spell advice. Since I’m playing Elven druid archer, aspect of the falcon is must.
If you have any advice how to play this game properly, on difficulty hard, shoot away.

Archery feat: Point blank shot(1), Precise shot(3), rapid shot, many shot
Spell caster feat: Heighten spell

Optional archery feat: focus longbow, imp. critical longbow, cluster shot, deadly aim
Optional spell caster feat: Focus conjuration > Augment Summoning, extend spell
Optional: Animal bond

Sadly this build would not be very good for hard and will be mostly carry by the group and his pet for a very long time…