Nok Nok @ House at end of time [spoiler]

OK, so, I finished Nok Nok’s entire questline. Drove the Barghest off, and declared Nok Nok a hero of the realm. All of his quests show finished in the journal. Get now to the House at the End of Time, and get the Nyrissa cutscene with Nok Nok, and he just dies, period. Made the save, took only 30 damage, still dead. How in heck could I not get him back, if I finished his questline? Even if I DIDN’T, why did he die from only 30 damage? This makes no sense, and is extremely frustrating.

Here’s the screenshots of the journal for companion quests showing Nok Nok’s quest being done, and then the in-game event where he died after making his save and taking only 30 damage will be in one more post, since can only post 1 image per post, apparently.

And here’s the 2nd picture, of the in-game info. I have absolutely no clue what else I could have done, so having him just die with no recourse seems really awful.

That’s a weird one. You might be able to use the Bag of Tricks Mod to edit the flags for your save.

Maybe that is on purpose?
I declared him my favourite minstel/clown of the realm. Not really a hero but something even better -> a personal jester. So that he might inspire everyone with his jokes and not nessesarily his heroic deeds.

That way he seems to survive. At least in my game.

There is no randomness at all in who survives the HatEoT, the only “recourse” you have is to have made different decisions before entering it, unfortunately.

I have seen a similar bug only once (or it was reported only once). However, it was Jubilost and his choices was all the right ones for him to survive. If i recall, the ‘‘guy’’ did reload a early save and one probably before entering the House at the edge of time to fix it.

Make sure to report it with F11 in game.

I had the same problem. I loaded the old save and entered the portal without Nok-Nok. To my surprise, he was alive after his dialog with Nyrissa.