No more Hedwirg

Just out of curiosity, WotR isn’t going to feature some “canon” protagonist in all the in-game artwork is it? This was a pretty big annoyance for me whenever the cutscenes popped up in game. Considering I was playing as a male character, I can’t imagine how annoying it would be for people using a female protag to see their MC suddenly sprout a beard.

Just curious if this is going to be happening again.

Also, the layout for this forum is terrible. And confusing. Especially when trying to post.

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I wonder, I think we will have this female MC in the middle as “canon”.

also shown on backer portal.

Nope, you have picked wrong picture, I meant the one with Camellia, Lann, Reggil and Seelah.
Did not mean in any way promo art.
Picture I meant is also on
Picture with White haired woman with white pupils and magic circle around her hand, same picture is in “UPDATE #48 We’ve Launched the Backer Portal”.
There was whole discussion about her being new Dhampir or Aasimar Arcanist companion on this forum, until somebody on twitter confirmed she was portrait for MC.

Which makes possible Arcanist is supposed to be canon play.
Just like Kingmaker = paladin play

Kingmaker canon Hedwirg was Fighter all the way.

The original adevnture path recomends playing a Paladin or Cleric so I guess Owlcat will use a Paladin as the standard character.

Why not make a poll and ask what gender / race backers prefer ?

For reference, this is the pic with the supposedly cannon MC.

She looks like the misfit groups grandmother. Id rather have something, anything different, including Hedwirg. Then at least I can use my imagination rather than have it killed with granny does this and that.

Id rather have …

than …

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There is no official confirmaton that she is the canon character, the picture with the angel is the key art

and will most likley be used as the cover art for WOTR. The key art for Kingmaker
clearly showed Hedwirg so the Paladin Angel is almost certainly the canon character

I never really cared about default MC art in commercial campaigns compared to mine. It’s not like they force me into anything if I can create my own character. They have theirs, I have mine.
As for that particular character, I actually like the art, and white hair doesn’t mean a grandmother, her features sure look younger than Ergill’s or Lann’s, maybe even Seelah’s. And as for the two pictures you compare, that’s yourpersonal taste, mine is the opposite.

Which means they won’t be able to please everyone, so why bother for a change ? Anyway, what’s done is done.

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There was also her

She also didn’t became the canon character despite being shown multiple times in trailers and images.
So all in all I can tell you the white haired woman is not the canon character.

It doesnt even matter what the canon character is. In Kingmaker he apeared in some bookchapter art and thats it. That doesnt realy anoy me if its another class or race. theres no way they make more than one version of these arts. Way to much work it seems. The only other way would be to dont have your mc in this art at all. Wouldnt mind that aswell. Its the same that in these bookchapters all companions are always shown. No matter if there dead, never used or not even recruited.

I personly like the art of the white hair arcanist

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yeah i completely understand the silvery hair of aasimars but i cant make myself to like it. she appears young(uncomfortable) but she really gives a very old grandma vibes. I hope they will give us a likeable original aasimar portraits…anyway the aasimar portrait in kingmaker he looks like a condescending punk. come on bruh