No email for password reset


I wanted to change my password.

It requires the sending of a mail . Ok i have no problem with that.

The problem is: I never received any mail : confirmation, reset, etc.

My confirmation email was done manually by someone from the kickstarter page (who was very helpful).

I’m seriously thinking you have a big issue with mails. Can you put an advice email or kickstarter update, when this is fixed?

At the moment i don’t feel like checking this forum each day seen all the bugs for technical things which should be working fine because they are unimportant. (I did participate in the kickstarter, for the game, not all those… broken things I spend a lot of time to try to fix on my side, before understanding it’s from your side).

Same here. Can’t access my old account from the old forums because I never receive the email to reset my password after trying every other day for about a week! I’ve even emailed people with no replies and there’s also the fact that there’s a reddit post filled with people in the same boat and still no reply.

Yeah, the password reset is terrible. I actually had to contact them through their press email, and the reset emails appeared shortly after. I think their system requires someone to manually authorize a password reset.

Also, the “contact our staff” hyperlink that pops up when yout click the Help icon (which you can’t actually see is a hyperlink) just directs you to the forum community staff page, where the only way to contact staff is to log in and send a message to them…


In short, the forum needs a MASSIVE update (yes, this required capitals).

I had similar problems
but my problem was rather to get the activation email for my forum account.
I didn’t get such an email for days and then I changed my email address and emails came in… but for these the activation time had already expired

now i was quite lucky that i got an activation email in the right time window

I have got a password email which said something about a new forum template so I hope it will not be a bother anymore. From my end, I finally have changed my password :D.

What IS their press email if you remember?

Maybe I can give that a shot and get a password reset.

Well, I know you can reach them via

I used, but that might be better.