No access to the Alpha forums

As the topic says I don’t have access to the alpha forums even though this account is linked in the backer portal and I have already received the kickstarter badge in it 5 days ago. The only reason I can think for the lack of access is due to the fact that the e-mail associated with it is different from the one used in my kickstarter account.

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Same problem for me.

I received the Kickstarter Update #49 mail today and found the Steam key in my preorder account. The download from Steam is in progress - so far so good.

But all I get when I try to access the alpha forum pages mentioned in the Alpha-Test F.A.Q. are error messages like “page doesn’t exist or is private”. Do we have to sign in on a seperate page? Or do we just have to be patient - like with the forum badge, which I didn’t get either :wink: - until Owlcat makes the necessary changes to our user accounts?

(Edit: The forum badge has arrived in the meantime.)

I’m using the same mail address for Kickstarter/backer portal and this forum. My forum user name is linked in the backer portal settings, too.

I have not sent an email to the Owlcat team yet - just in case I overlooked something and can get a quick hint here. :thinking:


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Same problem here, but only just signed up for the forum. And did not originally have alpha acces, so it may take some time because of that. But the email is the same for me on forum and kickstarter, so not sure the problem is there, at least not here.

same here I do not have access to the Alpha forums either and I did the necessary requirements that I was suppose to do.

Can you, please, DM me?


Probably I’m missing something, but how to DM here?

Just click on the user icon - in this case, the big “M”. :wink: The following pop up shows a button (in German, it is labeled “Nachricht”, in English it should be something like “message”).

That’s what I was expecting, but I don’t see this button…

Is this one of the restrictions for new users?

I am also having the exact issue. Whenever I attempt to send a PM, I cannot which I assume is a restriction for new users.

I sent a message to @Mortheim asking to see this discussion.

Don’t know if that is a restriction for new users - I registered in this forum only a few days ago and am new, too. (But I worked through the discobot welcome discussion and added some text to my user profile, so I received some badges).

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Thanks! The “Message” button appeared after I got “Certificate” from discobot.

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hmm I got the certificate but I still can’t message

I’m in the same boat. I can not access alpha forums, and I do not see a way to direct messsage. I created my forum account yesterday.

EDIT: Ok now I’m able to message. Not sure what unlocked it.

I think you also need to read guidelines to lift restrictions

Yeah, I had to follow the discobot chain of posts before I was able to send a PM. Not sure if I did anything else yesterday when I was trying to get Alpha access.

Actually, I care more about getting access to the Commander Handbook and seeing the Already Known Bugs than anything else. Just so I have the right level of prep before I dig into the Alpha for real.

It’s overnight in Russia right now, so I’m not expecting any answer until tomorrow their time. :slight_smile:

Where are the guidelines?

I am also unable to DM or access the alpha forums. I did go through all of the discobot stuff.

New user here as well with no forum access or ability to DM.

I cannot DM either. I have the Read Guidelines and Certified badges.

You need to have the Basic badge/certificate to send direct mails. The different trust levels are described here. IIRC I did the following:

  • discobot welcome discussion / interactive new user tutorial
  • read the guidelines
  • read some forum threads