Next game Starfinder please

With Paizo releasing the start of the next adventure path “Horizons of the Vast” and it being very much a settlement building campaign, I was curious if Owlcat would consider transforming this adventure path into a crpg for their next game after Wrath of the Righteous?

The settlement building and exploration could work in a similar way to Kingmaker.

I would definitely pay good money for a Starfinder: Horizons of the Vast game made by Owlcat.

Owlcat wrote in a job listng that their next game is a sci-fi RPG so it’s not entirely impossible.

That sounds promising. I guess all I can do is hope that the next is Starfinder. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d really love to see this happening. Someone asked the question during a Q&A on the beta 2, from the way Alexander Mishulin answered, it didn’t sound likely. But not impossible either, there’s always hope :slight_smile:

But wasn’t that long ago?

Now I don’t know anything about Starfinder other than it basically SciFi pathfinder maybe similar to Traveller I guess. Regardless I love SciFi and would most likely Love a Starfinder game.

Wouldn’t mind a Starfinder game, but I hope they will use the Skulls and Shakles adventure path for their next game^^

Open Worldish, with fleetbuilding and piracy… it would be great

Any news on a patch to fix the Console version of Kingmaker that hasn’t worked since release nearly a year ago?
All queries are being ignored on the console forum so thought I’d post this elsewhere…:sob: