Newbie Guide

Is there any sort of manual. Just bought this during the Steam sale. Didn’t realize this actually existed.

I did play PnP D&D 3.0 and a bit of 3.5 many years ago. I am familiar with the system, though any changes from that to Pathfinder I am not familiar with. Ive heard Pathfinder described as D&D 3.7…

In terms of games I played IWD2 which kinda kludged the 3.0/3.5 ruleset onto the infinity engine, and also ToEE which was turn-based implementation of 3.5…

The biggest is how do the obvious turn based elements work in realtime? The first round is turn based as it pauses. Is there a setting to play it pseudo turned based to have it pause every round. Ive played through the mansion just clicking things - but sometimes I’d get AoOs, sometimes my casters would provoke them, but they were nowhere near the front lines… just trying to make sense of it all. Once I wanted someone to cast a spell (burning hands). He did but didn’t move into range so just wasted it in the back.

You can set auto pause in options to suit your preferred style to get a kind of pseudo turn based feel. There is also a player made mod which makes the game completely turn based, although I haven’t tried it myself.

In terms of reference material you could try the wiki, or for the PNP ruleset you could try this site, although be aware that there are some differences between the PNP ruleset and the computer game.

I love the Turn-Based Mod. It makes the game actually worth playing for me.

The turn-based mod basically casts an unavoidable mass hold monster on enemies whenever your characters act, which means you know exactly who your spells and AoE abilities will affect every time you cast them. That makes TB much easier than Kingmaker’s RTwP system in which you have to guess where each foe will be when you finish casting, and if you are wrong, then your spell may hit fewer enemies than you intended (or none at all).

Most of our Pathfinder tabletop group prefers RTwP to turn-based because we find it more realistic and we like the increased difficulty of having to anticipate enemy actions. However a few people in our group are looking for exact fidelity to the tabletop experience so they play using the TB mode and have a great time with it. However as previously noted you have to crank up the difficulty level on TB or else the game becomes easier than intended.

Edit: You also asked whether you can make RTwP “act like” TB if you hit the pause button enough. A lot of people say that but it isn’t correct because monsters can still move in between pauses. All you get is a really drawn-out version of RTwP which doesn’t satisfy anybody on either side of the debate.