New Simple Customizable Class Outfits

What the title says. I don’t ask to give each class new costume, but we could use different backpacks or belts or even head options. Like, for example, a lute for bard. Instead of his usual backpack, let me have a lute on my back. What do ya think?


I agree, and I think there is a need for more character customization in general. I hope we get a lot more than we saw in PK, which was underwhelming at best, but acceptable for a first game in a series.

I’d also love more voice sets available at character creation

This is NOT a suggestion for WotR, as it’s out of scope:
My dream for a game like this is for the character persona to have its own scripts for conversations, not just individual conversation items, based on character background choices. I’d want my educated wizard’s conversations not to be word for word duplicates of what my uneducated rogue sounds like.

I hate my characters feeling like: “Here is my statblock with a sword.” “Here is my statblock with spells.”

Anyway, that’s probably just me.

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I agree. Ive always used the Inquisitor costume for all my characters simply because it has the smallest Belt.

A.) Short-Term: option to hide gigantic Belt etc.

This ejects almost the entirety of Class costumes for me. Most have such a huge and massive belt with tons of pockets that it feels like the Belt forms up the entirety of weight my character has to lift including armor.

Rotating a character to the side clearly shows this issue. For instance, the Paladin costumes Belt …

Massive Belt Paladin

This is just wrong. There should be a toggle for each costume part like was the case with the Bag of Tricks mod for Kingmaker.


B.) Short-Term: ability to select any costume

This is a no-brainer. With the introduction of Racial Heritages E.g. like Acolyte, Miner or Pickpocket, it makes that more sense that your Pickpocket Cleric could look like a thug or that your Lumberjack Wizard looks like a Ranger.

More options is always better and the costumes are already implemented so this doesnt require tons of work to add to the game.


C.) Long-Term: ability to mix costume parts

This could be done by simply ignoring clipping issues. In some effect it IS already done, for instance the Barbarian and Ranger share their Boot slot and have a very similar Skirt slot as well.

It could also allow you to, as per OP, add costume parts outside of the default setup or even your own created parts or parts from mods.


D.) Achievements reward special costumes / costume parts

As an extra idea, costume parts and even whole costumes could also be gained from some choices made while playing the game, for instance if you save an important NPC Wizard you unlock using his robe but you cant loot his equipment.

Could be tied to achievements, making them more rewarding in the process, so on your next playthrough you could kill that Wizard and still use his robe even at gamestart AND get the loot by killing him. Opens up more options which enhances extra playthroughs and thus replayability.

Naturally, each Mythic Path could have a themed set of these costumes and parts so each new playthrough is that more viable.


I don’t think this can be implemented in Wrath at this point. As far as I know, the costumes have been modelled as a single item, and we don’t have the budget to change that, make something new or develop a system for better customization. But I will pass this suggestion to the team to consider for our future projects.


I mean, i am not pushing you, but if you take this as a good consideration, would be glad to see it. Maybe in a dlc, long after release? Or next project. My bard just miss the lute :pensive:

I feel you, I have a bard too. Maybe in the next project, yeah. Right now class costumes are mostly finished, and it’s not possible to customize some parts of them. We might be able to remove a hat or a backpack, like we did in Kingmaker (the interface is still work in progress, so I don’t know 100% if it works in Wrath), but not change elements.


I love reactivity in my rpgs and this sounds good, but I understand why most companies would be reluctant to do this: complexity and more testing required. Maybe one day.

Didn’t Arcanum change the journal entries for both low intelligence and high intelligence ones? Most games just have extra dialog options as reactivity. Or extra lines from npcs.

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Yeah it’s definitely a cost/complexity thing.

I’m hoping as the tools improve, things like AI/ML/NLP can automate a lot of this. For example, there are ML algorithms where you can feed it a still image, and animate it as a 3d image. Check this out:

This is really early tech, but the potential gaming applications are staggering.

Also, consider a massive cost in game development: voice acting. Consider ML allowing you to modify, change, and add to a voice actors speech, just by changing the text. Gone will be the days of bringing back in the voice actor for cleanup lines, or for text changes.

Another great use of advanced text to speech would be having your character name be used throughout the game in the voice acted bits.

It’s an exciting future for rpg’s!