New Beginnings

New beginnings, new opportunities, old friends…

In this a teaser for the Varnhold’s Lot or an announcement for another DLC? :smiley:

I think he just went back from a week-long drinking contest

A teaser? Don’t be ridiculous! :smiley:
Of course I’ve been to a drinking contest! With ravens. And, err, rats. And that’s it.

Cool. Varnhold’s Lot release is coming :slight_smile:

I could play a dwarf who eats a spoiled leg of Mutton, and quickly needs a midden but it runs down his leg (I hope this isn’t too graphic, i’m just trying to be funny), hope people get a chuckle, or puke if need be :stuck_out_tongue: (just I had a character on a chat rpg server which I don’t thinks is around anymore, I thought at the time that you just login and play as your character,(didn’t know a dm would have to be on, so anyone on that time probably didn’t know what I was doing (neither did I) that’s what I started to do on the game(just thought someone might laugh, about how it went down

It could be a teaser for Pathfinder 2!

NICE!!! That’s all I’ve got to say.

Oh, and if y’all need money, just point me to your KS page. :slight_smile:

damn, owlcat feels like this friendly homeless guy which we asks answers for things but he would only replies with cryptic short sentences, and we try to hurl money at him at every occasion but he keep denying any cash entries and would still prefers to keep up with the secretive talk.

do you have any insight as to when Varhnold lots MIGHT be out? I don’t care if the answer is : ‘’ probably next week, but also maybe april ‘’ , I just wish I’d hear at least something, as I refrain to playing too much. I stand here with my coffee flavored monster ready to binge play like crazy in the next 48hours (I will probably sleep a few hours in between) but if varhnold is scheduled to release say monday MAYBE I’ll stay the coffee for now. maybe.

Talk about the negative attitude… :slight_smile:

I hope it is a teaser for Pathfinder 2!! I got my wallet ready :smiley:

ah sorry I didn’t mean to be negative attitude, It’s just the withdrawal effect of refraining from playing that might make me a bit on edge. I didn’t play tonight, expecting a potential answer :frowning: I just messed around for hours trying not to abuse that pathfinder icon on my desktop

The official Word on Varnhold is “February.” So, expect March 3rd or so.

Though it would be nice to have an official answer. Anyways, it’s not that big of deal, it’s just a couple of weeks of waiting. I waited for a whole year for the game to come out and half a year for most of the gamebreaking bugs to be fixed, I don’t mind waiting a bit more :stuck_out_tongue:

Now this is clearly someone watching OUT from neverending dungeon (DLC 3). Twist might be that game calculate every single monster you have slayed this far and made it (undead version) live inside that dungeon… …so it is truly a never ending :smiley:

clever interpretation, a PnP DM who would do that would amaze me, however even IRL that would hard to keep track of, so unfortunately I don’t think that would be the case :expressionless: especially since they mentionned randomly generated, I think? A undead hargrulka (troll king) would be swell to kill another time.

a question I would have for third DLC is can we use that never ending dungeon to farm for XP at any time during our playthrough? Provided that we do lose time when we are in the dungeon, or is it more like a mini-game that takes the stat of a save, you do the dungeon but have no rewards for your playthrough. The latter is what I think it would be, since the advertising did say ‘‘sometime you want to be in a complex decision making situation, other time you just want to swing your sword around’’, hence no reference to rewards that you could take back :expressionless: xp or loot

I sure hope this will add new classes, haven’t been on Kingmaker for a while since I lost interest playing other classes in game. I have my fingers crossed for Technologist and Technomancer to change things up!

Everything is a possibility, but don’t get your hopes too high. They didn’t advertise new classes/races for DLC2, like they did in DLC1. If the devs add such features it would be an unnanounced bonus.

…aaand the word is finally out! Varnhold’s Lot drops on Feb 28!!

So, expect March 3rd or so.

Eat THIS, mister!



damn you look like you were under intense pressure and got relieved very much when you were given word that it would launch on the last day of february.

All in all, I think Owlcat is very surprisingly good at keeping up their schedule, delaying so rarely that when there is an actual delay we know it’s for something serious.