Need help with soul Eaters in Vordokai's Tomb

I was sure that Death Ward would help against level drain, but it does not. Any help appreciated,

Death Ward helped me when i went through it, but its not immunity to level drain, so a bad roll means you´ll lose levels anyway.
I suggest checking the combat log to see if you´re not getting the bonus from the spell.
Might be a bug if its not there.

Its been a while, but I think the soul eaters caused wisdom damage, not level drain.
The Astradaimon (spelling?) there caused level drain.

Death ward should protect against level drain and it should give a bonus to saving throws against death effects. It does not prevent all stat drains.

Having some restauration spells is definitively helpful there. I did not find a way to prevent wisdom damage completely, but I think a saving throw could prevent it.

I am not 100% sure though. Its been a while.

Yeah, the tabletop version of the Soul Eater does Wisdom damage - Death Ward protects against negative energy, negative levels, and energy drain.

The tricky part is that some of the soul eaters there will target specific characters and can only be hurt and killed by those characters. One will target your main character, while the others are based on which characters the raven gets the names of while you’re in the tomb. If you try not to say their names, the characters will still find a way to say them - you should name strong melee characters who have good AC so they can easily duel the soul eaters. Valerie and Harrim are great choices, and I imagine Amiri or Regongar would also do well. If you have the tiefling companion, you can use her fake name to just have one of the soul eaters say “I can’t find anyone with the right name, so I’m just going to leave.”

If your main character isn’t great at melee combat, you’ll need some buffs and support from your allies. The soul eaters have to hit you with their claws to drain Wisdom, so AC buffs or spells like Displacement and Mirror Image can help. Then have your allies be ready to cast Restoration to get rid of the Wisdom damage.