Need Help on Varnhold boss- Spoiler inside

I Need help to kill the marquise. Any suggestion?
My party Is composed by a paladin, tehara, bruiser and the Cleric(can’t Remember the name😊)

Hi liquidand,

it woud help if u tell us, what problems u have in your fight against him. I can tell from the way u ask u already fought him. Do u have problems to hit him? Some spells confuse u? etc.
And more information about your party: feats (not all but the category tank?dd?utility?), equipment, spells

Hello. The main problem during the fight is the huge amount of damage I receive from both the marquise and the mimic.
Second problem is the fear spell, but I have some buff against that I want to try.

About the party. I have 3 DPS, 1 cleric, no tank. Unfortunately I chose the story characters and considering that 2 of them left before the fight, it makes the battle really hard :slight_smile:

I cannot count on the support of any arcane caster, only divines (cleric, paladin and ranger).

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Resist Electricity and Protection from Electricity would be good. Make sure to use Freebooter’s Bond and Bane and Flank him so you can kill him quickly. Animate Dead can also distract the Mimic long enough to give you some time.

If you use Eagle’s Splendor on your Pal before you Smite you’ll get two extra AB/Damage/AC and Divine Favor will give you another boost. Stunning Barrier can also take them out for a round or two (if you extend it), also leaving them much easier to hit.

If you have scrolls or wands of Heroism or Good Hope now is the time to use them, along with that Greater Heroism from the Battlemaster’s plate.

Your Pal should basically be an unstoppable juggernaut in this fight unless I’m mistaken about the Marquises being Evil. What you’re missing most is a Bard, but having a Pal should be enough to make up for it.

If your able to go back to a shop you can buy potions and scrolls for heroism etc. If a character in your party has decent Use Magic device (between 15-20) you can also use arcane scrolls and one of the best is “Haste” Spell for more Attack Bonus, AC Bonus and Extra Attack.
Your Paladin shoud be able to cast Protection against Evil Communal to get Defense Boost.

Make Sure that your party is not staying together in one spot to avoid massive AoE. Let Paladin “Tank” for some time and pull him back to use “Heal”. Focus one enemy at a time (start with mimic), if one goes down enemy damage goes down linear.

Thanks both @ShadowAsgard and @Desiderius. I managed to finish the combat yesterday. Was enough to protect from fear :slight_smile:


Aura of Greater Courage is one of the main reasons to play Paladin.

Buy unfotunately I didnt take the feat to support the spell :sweat_smile::sob:

No feat needed. Paladin gets the Aura, Spell extends to party.

Glad u did it.

One advice: Keep this fight in Mind. If u run into sth similar or have problems with boss fights later on, u always can count on some spells for protection, AoE or just paladins “Walking Buff-Machine” abilities

Ok, if no feats needed I think this is a bug of the game. Since the spell didn’t worked at all.


What did you use instead?

What bug? Could you explain for me?