Navigation in the Market Square

It’s very difficult to navigate in that area, to know where we are and where something is when we need to go back.

A simple solution? A hand draw map instead of a ‘‘real’’ map, similar to the city one with simple drawing of obstacles and point of interests.

I think the difficulty is part of the point. Helps give the feel of being in a city unexpectedly destroyed, like lower Manhattan on 9/11.

It would probably become a LOT better when they add the compass.

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Did they confirm that they will add a compass? I might have missed that. But it would be a great help.

Yes i’m pretty sure i saw a confirmation somewhere about the addition of a compass.

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The difficulty in this area for me is just the tanked framerate. 9FPS just makes every moment feel sluggish.

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Yes i also got a frame rate drop, but mostly only in the very first part of the map. After the fire(?) area, it was relatively fine.

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It does improve the further away or more I point the camera away from the fire effects, but still is lower than in most other areas. The second version of that map you go to did have better framerate than the first.

I think some of the navigation issues are when the map is split at points where you cannot simply walk and need to pass a skill check to cross. Compass will definitely help with some of my orientation issues.

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Each of those areas is accessible from the other direction with a different skill check with possible exception of sw quadrant.