Naming Animal Companions

One of the things I would like to have in WotR is to be able to name our animal companions I find it odd that in Kingmaker we had a quest to name someone else’s animal companion but we can not name our animal companion


And familiars as well. What’s not to love about calling your pig familiar ‘Bacon’ for instance?


I would name all animals companions/familiars “Emergency Ration”.


Nope. They should all be called Lassie.

Edit: Or Pork Chop.

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I want a Mammoth named Steaks, Blankets, and New Boots.

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Speaking of animal companions, does someone know if in Lich, you will have the option to turn it undead ? Let’s say you’re a Sylvan Sorcerer at the start of the game, gain your pet, then, turn into a lich. I would found rather weird that the pinnacle of death is actually able to keep his living pet just next to him in perfect health. :grin:


I suggested it in a “bug” report. Especially, for the undead Cavalier companion. He’s got to have an Undead animal companion. Not sure if the ability to turn all of your companions undead affects pets or not. For heals and ability/level drain immunity too.

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I also would really like to customize familiar’s. And naming your own mount would be really cool.

I want a Giant Scorpion and to name him Jeffrey.

I want a dragon (outside the Azata Path).

Seems implemented, according to CohhCarnage’s video series on the Games Beta.

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For blankets you can have it from They have the best options.