Nahyindrian crystal

I visited the mage tower and got the compass. But now I have no idea where to go.

  • I tried the ship captain, assuming I have to sail to the isle mentioned on the compass, but no dice.
  • I went back down into the caves, where the compass said the crystals are very near, except that there is nothing.
    What am I to do at this point?

Nexus Camp, a little to the right where Suture was standing previously within the lower mines. You should now see a interactive icon to reveal a hidden mineshaft.

Thanks, I go look again. At the place where the compass reacted strongly I did not see any icon. Maybe after restarting the game?

Maybe try to press SHIFT for highlighting hidden doors? For me it appeared pretty much instantly and I could click on it.

No, I found it, but it is hard to see, even with the compass message as a hint.