Mythic Paths: Known mechanics, speculation, wishes

How exactly do we know this for certain?
I thought I had kept uptodate especially on all the dev statements regarding magic and Lich especially, but I’ve never once read anything regarding “common spell book”… is there a solid source for this that I’ve just missed?

Iophanite angels are lawful good, dark angels are neutral evil, Astral Deva, Balisse, Cassisian, Choral, Dapsara, Empyrean, Monadic Deva, Movanic Deva, Planetar, and Solar angels are neutral good, there are no chaotic angels also the Erinyes Devils (fallen angels) are lawful evil so no they are not any good

Here is what the wiki says about angels.

“Angels are a group of altruistic celestials native to all three Upper Planes: Nirvana, Heaven, and Elysium. They represent all the multiple interpretations of goodness, and can be anything from lawful to chaotic.”

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Don’t know if this really counts as speculation - but do have to wonder if the Trickster is somewhat based on the Fey and more specifically on Leprechauns.

The Dapsara seem like thematically they would have fit better as Azata then Angels. Does anyone else feel this way?

The first post in the thread is a collection of gathered info on the Wrath of the Righteous, although it needs an update. Its source its dev streams and other stuff.

Its where I learned about mythic paths having reference classes and common mythic spell books vs uncommon mythic spell books.

PS. I think the thread in question should be moved to this subforum IMHO.

of the three good-aligned Outer Planes, though, Elysium hosts the smallest number of angelic natives

Thanks, I wasn’t even aware of that specific thread… though it still is hard to say how accurate that information is; as I’ve said, I’ve been keeping pretty up2date on everything Lich and magic in WotR, and never heard anything of the kind before myself.

But maybe it was in some stream indeed, some offhand remark in russian, which I do not speak aside from a few phrases, so that might explain it.

Also agreed that the thread in question could be moved into the WotR section.

Don’t know if this question was asked but the Demon Mythic Path is the sin that our character will represent be Fury, Rage or Wrath.

Demons are the living manifestation of sins so wondering what our character will represent based on the description of the Mythic Path.

We might get to choose. While the mechanics they’ve mentioned are like barbarian/bloodrager rages, I think I’ve seen somewhere that you will have some options as to what sort of demon you’re becoming.

Actually yes and no:
There’s only “the one” Demon Mythic Path initially, but once you’ve actually become a Demon, you’ll have the ability to transform into several other types of Demons, thus not only assuming their visuals, but also (parts of) their abilities and attributes.

So you’d always be the generic Demon per sé, but you’ll be able to temporarily and at will transform yourself into other types of Demons, probably only during combat though.


Transform in other demons and get their abilities. This will be super cool.

Although i doubt something will beat becoming a dragon.

Even becoming half-dragon (through dragon disciple) in the old d&d 3.5 was a blast.

According to the alpha faq, i am apparently allowed to share some information on it so long as i dont record or stream it. This is for those who dont have alpha access but do want to know some basics. Keep in mind that this is all alpha and is from my personal experience. I’ll try to avoid story spoilers as.much as possible.

-the moment you become mythic is pretty much the exact same as the pen and paper version of.wotr, though the fight is about 10 times as epic. For this fight, you have a generic, insanely powerful buff that fades off after. However, you then immediately gain the ability to level up. For all companions, they have path abilities every odd level and mythic feats every even level as per pnp. However, only the main character also has a ‘class’ that gives him more abilities as his mythic tier grows.

-you have a roleplaying moment right before the big fight that very clearly presents you with good and evil options. Angel and aeon were very clearly present here in options, the rest not yet.

-in the alpha however, you can pick any of six paths when you select the mythic hero class in the level up screen, regardless of your choice. You pick ‘a source of power’ of your choice, which seems to be the clear start of that path.

-ive only seen the first two.abilities of each path. Imo, a few are noteworthy. Angel in rank 1 and 2 is particularly weak and only gives a basic, weakish heal a few times per day and energy resistance to yourself for 2 types at level 2, next to petrify immunity. It really needs stronger later path abilities to compensate imo. On the contrast, lich gives massive bonusses against negative energy usage and negative level immunity in the first two ranks as some of its benefits. And since enemies really like.chain spamming aoe negative channel in packs with at least 6 enemy clerics or have level drain on their basic attacks, you want that. Aeon seems situationally powerful in that it can mass dispel enemy illusions a number of times per day and greater dispel an ally specifically against all Negative magic effects at rank.2. The other path abilities were okayish but things you could easily do without. Think like giving you temporary +2d6 damage vs lawful creatures like the weapon enchant a few times per day.

-none of the path abilities are locked to which mythic hero type you pick, but they are bound to your base class. There are some very exciting ones like taking any extra domain if you already have one, taking a second bloodline, instantly gaining the level 20 bloodline ability of your bloodline at level 6, taking a second spirit, second mystery, etc. Some other options are gaining +2 attacks of opportunity with extra attack/damage and instantly gaining a free ranged attack against all nearby enemies when you crit or kill an enemy with a bow. I think i also.saw infinite rage use and infinity judgment use for barbs/bloodrager/inquisitor.

I havent unlocked the feats yet. If people are imterested i could post that later


Cool the more info you can give us on the mythic paths the better :slight_smile:

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Since the thread is named Mythic Path wishes, Id like to point out that currently, some Classes dont have a viable Path that aligns with them.

(List was copied)

  • Azata: Bard (likely Skald too)
  • Angel: Cleric / Paladin (likely Warpriest too, Oracle is also Divine Caster)
  • Demon: Bloodrager (likely Barbarian too)
  • Aeon: Inquisitor (maybe Druid too)
  • Lich: Necromancer Wizard (likely Arcanist / Sorcerer / Witch too)
  • Trickster: Very Loosely Eldritch Scoundrel
  • Swarm-That-Walks: Unknown
  • Gold Dragon: Unknown (Draconic is a Sorcerer Bloodline)
  • Legend: Unknown

The Classes that have currently no aligning Path:

  • Alchemist
  • Cavalier
  • Druid (Aeon was said to be LN, not TN, so cant attribute to Druid)
  • Fighter
  • Hunter
  • Kineticist
  • Magus
  • Monk
  • Ranger
  • Shaman
  • Slayer

And guess what, this list has most non-casters as well as many Primal / Animal Companion Classes and NON-full casters. The available Mythic Feats shows the lack of unique / powerful options for these Classes that the aligning Classes have in abundance.

One problem I think is the main reason is that all Mythic Paths are casters, minus the Legend and I see only the Legend as an option for a Kineticist or Fighter which wont have use for a spellbook since casting spells removes thair main Class features.

A Fighter wont cast spells so the spellbook would only be used to buff while a caster can use his amplified spellbook to improve his main Class features as well as pick Mythic Feats that improve both at once.

I hope Owlcat finds a balance and allows some Mythic Paths to align their features with vastly different main Classes including casters and non-casters.

The stated Fighter / Lich doesnt sound overly useful in comparison to a Sorcerer / Lich which could pick few Feats to improve his combined spellcasting while the Fighter would need to spread these out over combat and spellcasting.

An idea would be that these Mythic Path specific Feats improve spellcasting AND combat so a Sorcerer / Lich wound simply not have use for the secondary bonuses. The Feats would have a list of benefits and several Classes would benefit in different ways.

For instance an Alchemist would add his Tier to Bombs and able to throw Lich Bombs while a Fire Kineticist would shoot Negative / Fire Blasts. A Fighter would make his hold Weapons Undead of sorts and an Animal Companion get a Negative Energy Bite.


I’m very interestsd.

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Same here I’m very interested

I feel that legend will be an generic “augmentation” path that goes well with any class.

Considering the TT origin, i believe that Swarm-That-Walks will be a path for evil spellcasters that don´t specialize in necromancy.

Gold Dragon are both very magical and physical powerhouses. I can see it going either as a path for man-at-arms or cha based spellcasters. But it could also become the magus path.

I think for the most part people are reading too much into the concept of reference classes. The fact that a Mythic Path has a loose reference class in terms of what kinds of abilities it has does not necessarily limit its applications too narrowly.

What I’m more concerned about is the idea that some Mythic Paths come along noticeably later in the game than others. THAT to me seems like a very fraught idea. Given that the appeal of the Mythic Paths is in no small part replayability, how they impact the story and army management not just the game mechanics, having Mythic Paths that only show up late game seems like they would likely just feel less complete and meaningful no matter how powerful they may be.


I was thinking about Legend path and I think you will get simple +2 to all stats each mythic level up.