Mythic Paths: Known mechanics, speculation, wishes

The mechanics of two mythic paths have already been shown and several others have been hinted at.
So what do you think of the known mechanics, what do you expect from the others and what would you wish Owlcat would implement

What we know:

  • The Aeon can correct the balance in places where it has been disrupted

What we know:

  • Has an aura to buff allies and debuff enemies
  • Gets a lot of new spells, including aoe ressurections and other healing spell

What I speculate:

  • Being an angel adds other angels to the crusader army

What we know:

  • Has a Havoc dragon companion which grows as we increase the mythic level

What we know:

  • Can assume multiple forms, each with different abilities

Gold Dragon
What we know:

  • Will be available later in the game
  • Will be “more crazy” than the others
  • Increases your attack value a lot

What I wish:

  • Permanent (or freely switchable) gold dragon form without timer.

What we know:

  • Will come later in the game
  • Will not include any transformation
  • Will be “more crazy” than the others

What we know:

  • Gets a lot of new spells, including turning your defeated enemies into missiles
  • Can turn NPCs and bosses into new companions
  • Choices during the questline push you towards evil

Swarm that walks
What we know:

  • Will come later in the game
  • Will be “more crazy” than the others

What I wish:

  • One ability should allow you to turn into a swarmform

What we know:

  • Is a more light hearted path
  • Can turn rolled 1s into 20s

Based on the shown paths it looks like most will each have one big special mechanic. Lichs can create new companions, the Aeon can correct the balance and Demons has shapeshifting for example.
On the other hand so far the Angel does not seem to have a mechanic.

So what do you think, what will be the special mechanics of the other paths if that is really a thing?


That should be a given… in Kingmaker, Sorcerers with the Draconic Bloodline could also turn into their respective actual Dragon type without a time limit, if I recall correctly… i.e. not the spell “Dragonkind”, but the spell-like Ability to transform into your bloodline-specific type of Dragon.

Thus the same will very likely apply to WotR as well, especially as this isn’t “just” a Dragon, but a Mythic one to boot.

As for the Angel’s special hero ability, he is able to summon other Angels to the battlefield to assist the party, I believe… I seem to remember seeing that during Kickstarter in one of the updates… :man_shrugging:

Hopefully no path is limited by race as in the description of legend said something of a legendary human. I would like to take that path as none of the others seem that well suited for a Good wizard.

A Good Wizard could also choose the Angel or especially Gold Dragon path, I think… Dragon especially because what are Dragons, if not magic made flesh?

That said, I don’t believe any path would have any racial limitations*… hell, you can even choose the Mythic Gold Dragon Path without being a Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer, so if that isn’t a prerequisite, race definitely won’t be.

*Outside of, potentially, races which have alignment restrictions, so for example a race who was restricted to Evil only could obviously never become a Gold Dragon, which is the personification of Good.

Undead are the only things on the material plane that have a forced alignment in pathfinder

I still not convinced as Wizards are usually more of the studious kind. I cannot see how either Angel or Dragon feel appropriate Will wait for the Legend to see what it is.

What do you mean by later?

According to Owlcat the two stretchgoal paths (Gold Dragon and Swarm that Walks) and the Legend can only be choosen later during the game and it is also possible to block them off if you make the wrong decisions.
So you would have to decline any mythic path offer that you get before.

As a “reward” those paths are supposed to be more “crazy” (Owlcats words) than the others.

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Azata have up to 7th level spells, some of which are very powerful. They compared it to Bards getting overwhelming presence as a 6th level spell, when its a 9th level spell for everyone else.

Also each Mythic Path has a reference class that loosely inspires its abilities.

Azata: Bard
Angel: Cleric/Paladin
Demon: Bloodrager
Aeon: Inquisitor
Lich: Necromancer Wizard
Trickster: Very Loosely Eldritch Scoundrel.
Swarm-That-Walks: Unknown
Gold Dragon: Unknown
Legend: Unknown

This will likely show through spell casting, each Mythic Path has its own Spellbook, although Angel and Lich full casters can mix their spellcasting together.

So an Azata will likely have spontaneous spellcasting like a Bard, Aeon like an Inquisitor, Demon like a Bloodrager, Trickster like an Eldritch Scoundrel, ect…, but with unique spell lists.

Plus we know Demons get Demonic Aspects, which are rage powers based on different types of demons. Demon rage works with Barbarian, Skald, and Bloodrager rage, so I expect that Azata, Aeon, and so on will work the same.

So I suspect Azata will get Azata proformances which will work with Bard, Sensei, and Skald Proformances, Aeons will get Aeon Judgements thst are compatible with with an Inquisitor Judgements, like a shared pool that can be used for either type of Judgement, ect…

One of my playthroughs I was going to play a swarm that walks druid. Hope it can be done lol

Is this official with the reference classes, i.e. did Owlcat say this directly?

Because if not, I’d have to disagree on the Lich… I think from what we know it’s much more inspired by a Sorcerer with Undead Bloodline, as I highly doubt that a Lich, being one of the most powerful undead creatures, would ever need to prepare his 10th level spells… I’m very sure and pretty much expecting that to be spontaneous casts.

Furthermore, Undead Bloodline does exactly mean this, as one of the official reasons for this bloodline to exist: an ancestor having become a Lich — so again, another strong clue that the Lich class is informed by the Sorcerer w/ Undead Bloodline.

You can attach the mythic spells to an existing spellcasting class. So a sorcerer going lich would cast its spells spontaneously while a wizard or cleric lich would have to prepare lich spells.

I do not believe that it’ll work that way, actually.
We already know that a) non-spellcasters would get a separate Lich spellbook with this Path, and b) that even for Spellcasters, their existing spellbook will be augmented in some way, on top of receiving the 10th level spells, plus c) that even Spellcasters will get the option to keep their original spellbook and also get the Lich Spellbook as a secondary, standalone version like the non-spellcasters.

Therefor it is, in my opinion, highly likely that becoming a Lich might mean for a Wizard that they’d have to prepare all spells except for the 10th level spells, though maybe only if they choose to receive the standalone-spellbook for the Lich… but I guess we’ll see once they give us more detailed information.

‘Gold Dragon’
They speaking my language right there.

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You’ll get mounted by a Golden Dragon, which impregnates you (even if male) with a Golden Dragon which then turns out to be yourself, you giving birth to yourself, your conciousness transferring during “birth” (Dragon tearing through your now useless meatbag) into the Dragon’s body.

That crazy enough for ya? :joy:


Not crazy enough, but also the wrong kind of crazy.

My favourite is the legend path so far, and my wish in it its for something closer to TT. Powers that makes you stand out among regular adventurers, but without changing your race/type.

But becoming a dragon its so cool… I hope for bonus above and beyond the half-dragon template!

not enough flame breath.

Between am i the only one slightly confused on the “it will come later in the game” ? Do they mean that you will be able to access em later in the story or they will be added after the game launch?

later in the story, obviously.

They’ll be included with the full game same as any other paths, only you won’t be able to choose those specific paths as early in the game as you would the others, for story reasons.