Mythic path cosmetic changes and demons

Are any cosmetic changes that are supposed to happen on our characters from their mythic pats implemented yet, and at what point in the game are they supposed to happen.

What changes would a demon character get, I would want to go for a Succubus/Incubus sorcerer type rather than the brute monstrous ones.

As of now? None. I read that, visually, mythic paths are planned to change one’s appearance to ‘some extent’.

But I think it is more likely that we get special overlays, akin to spell effects. Not fullblown models.

The demon path’s spellbook however has demon form polymorph spells. So you still can look the part.

I’ve done three paths so far: Angel, Lich, Azata. Angel and Lich didn’t have anything that I notieced, but Azata had a flurry of iridescent butterflies fluttering around my character.

Characters will be able to choose to switch to a path-specific portrait in the late game. Beta is only 4 of 6 chapters, so nothing for now.

I, too, hope that there are model changes in the mythic paths. It would be cool to have different model changes, a polymorph even, for the mythic paths. Please implement this!!!

I did Angel and you have a big Halo around your head if you choose that Path

Hah! I just realized that I didn’t notice that because my Angel playthrough MC was an Aasimar and I had the halo racial active. lol

they look pretty funny when they overlap. but yes, hard to notice.

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Aeon bane ability has visual effects that echo its motif. It isn’t really unheard of for an Aeon to disguise itself as a mortal if such is what is required for the cosmic balance to be perfected