My Suggestion List based on Kingmaker

Just finished playing Kingmaker for the first time, here are some suggestions:

  1. The resting interface is awful. So I have to lay down a camp, click on it, that takes me to a screen that I can’t interact with with a button I click to go to the screen that I CAN interact with to manage everything, which I then have to click BACK to in order to actually rest! There is no reason why “manage resting” and “actually friggin rest already” have to be different screens. Also, if you can only consume rations in a dungeon and cannot hunt, why do I have to click through and TELL it to USE RATIONS?! ZOMG. Make this ONE SCREEN.

  2. The interface overall is bulky and low-information with enormous amounts of white space. Don’t have everything on its own line with vast amounts of space in between A spell description, for instance, should look more like this:

Magic Missile
Level: 1 Arcane
School: Evocation
Save: None
Spell Resistance: Yes
Counters: Shield
Range: Medium
Description: Fires one missile of magical force per two caster levels (maximum of 5 missiles at level 9) that each deal 1d4+1 damage to a single target. This damage ignores cover, concealment, and incorporeality.

And, hey, look, you can fit the entire spell description into a tooltip box! If the spell involves an attack roll or a save DC the spell tooltip should auto-populate those as well so you don’t have to do any math to figure out what your DC or attack roll is. Computers are great at math.

  1. Fail-them-once perception and lockpicking rolls. Ugh, these were so stupid and obnoxious and push you to save-scum. Firstly, if you’re not in combat you should be taking 20 on lockpicking, so there shouldn’t even be a roll, it should be a simple pass/fail. Secondly, you should get to try again as many times as you like, knowing that you’ll need to buff your skill in order for it to matter. And, frankly, the skill DC inflation late game was absurd. If I’ve got a skill-buffing item AND the best stat gear in the game AND skill focus AND the dual-focus feat AND max ranks in the skill, passing the skill checks should be virtually automatic. Feel free to have A FEW high DC checks to get some REALLY desirable and difficult things, but there should be a corresponding middling-difficult check that anyone with full ranks in that skill and an item is guaranteed to pass.

  2. Death Ward, Communal should be a thing. Likewise Freedom of Movement, Communal. Likewise Restoration, Communal and Lesser Restoration, Communal. Bards should get Song of Freedom.

  3. Late-game enemies with AC’s so high that even a fully buffed dedicated fighter weapon specialist can’t hit them on anything less than an 18 are idiotic. Maybe try DESIGNING your encounters so you don’t have to rely on the boss being literally unhittable to make the combat last more than 3 seconds. Yes, I know Pathfinder late game the damage output gets absurd.

  4. Having “rations” be separate from the actual food that you use to make recipes is bizarre. Why do I need to carry rations in order to use my food?! Every food item should count as 1 ration. Have a drop box where you can place the food you want to use when you rest, if it makes up a recipe you get the results of that recipe (assuming you made the DC check). Since Hearty Meal provides NO BONUS it should have like a 10 DC not a 20.

  5. All stat damage should have a TYPE–either poison, disease, negative, and effects that protect from that TYPE of stat damage should prevent it. Got really sick of having my stats drained down to zero in every fight despite buffing.

  6. There is a difference between temporary and permanent negative levels that needs to be addressed in the game, namely, that you get more fortitude saves to clear temporary negative levels.

  7. If you’re gonna have swarms in the game you need more AOE spells, particularly at lower levels. In particular the game DESPERATELY needs more AOE DOT spells like Wall of Fire.

  8. Spell ranges on AOE spells are too short and the AOEs are too big. Firestorm in particular is so huge that you have to almost be standing in it to cast it. At a minimum, you should be able to cast any AOE spell at least one full diameter (not radius, DIAMETER) away from where you are standing.

  9. There needs to be a “cast defensively” toggle for all characters with spells so that you can cast spells without provoking attacks of opportunity, but you have to make a caster level check or the spell doesn’t go off.

  10. There NEEDS to be a spellcasting queue so that if I accidentally order a character to cast a different spell a fraction of a second before the animation completes, they don’t just drop the spell I already told them to cast.

  11. This game needs AI options SO BAD.

  12. The animal companion UI is terrible. They need to be visible as part of the party UI at all times. And they should have gear slots and be able to wear gear. They should also be able to drink potions out of combat.

  13. You should be able to place an ENTIRE STACK of scrolls or potions on your belt–or when you use a scroll or potion on your belt it should auto-populate a replacement from the shared stash as long as there is an identical item in the shared stash.

  14. Either you are moving, OR you are attacking. Enemies should not be able to follow just behind your characters stutter-swinging at them the whole way (and vice versa). This ability makes Mobility idiotic because the only way to ACTUALLY break contact with enemies is to move WAY WAY FASTER than they do so they can’t continue beating your behind while you’re moving away! When you want to move, it should initiate a cooldown based on how far you move vs. your speed (your movement as the crow flies, not whatever nonsense the pathfinding comes up with). Only after that cooldown expires can you make an attack or cast a spell or initiate a new move. Likewise, if you haven’t moved and are in position to make a full attack, you should make all of your attacks in one go, then have a round timer before you make attacks again. It’s ridiculous having spells be on a round timer but attacks and movement are real time. Either ALL actions should have individual round timers OR you should be able to cast spells as fast as the game can chain the animation just as you make attacks and move as fast as the game animation allows. Also, the lack of a real “full round action” for attacks screws the Magus class because they should be able to attack WHILE they are casting spells, which they cannot, they cast like any other class and THEN make an attack AFTER the cast. They should be swinging their weapon DURING the spell cast animation when spell combat is active.

Frankly, attacking and casting spells simply aren’t in the same functional universe in Kingmaker. Spells are basically useless for doing damage. Instead, damaging spells exist ONLY for “solving” puzzle combats where you can’t actually DPS the mob, so you need an uber-AC or uber-saves or otherwise invulnerable tank to sit there and keep aggro for 5 minutes while you cast literally every single spell you have to bring down a single monster. You have GOT to slow down the attack speed on non-spell attacks or otherwise properly implement FULL ROUND attacks to where you HAVE to be standing still for 6 FULL SECONDS before you get to make multiple attacks. And then you’ll be able to have AC’s in the SANE range, and moving around tactically to DENY melee mobs THEIR full attacks will be tactically important.

This cheesy design with the moving and the attacking was okayish back in the days of Baldur’s Gate and pure goofiness of 2nd edition, where a single fireball at level 5 could clear an entire room and “defense” was stacking up spells and items that made you IMMUNE to everything, but a modern CRPG needs more sophistication.

  1. The spell list needs to include stuff like Goodberry or Spider Climb that has actual in-game functions.

  2. The game suffers from an excess of different weapons.

  3. Alignment-based RP options should affect only ONE alignment axis. They should be described as either “Lawful”, “Good”, “Evil” or “Chaotic”. It was REALLY annoying to be constantly on the verge of losing my monk abilities because there often wasn’t a specifically “Lawful Good” option. If you want to write something that feels “Lawful Good” then have the options come in sequence.

And, frankly, actual evil actions (as opposed to being kinda a jerk) should just full on kick you completely over to the Evil side and pin you there no matter WHERE you started from. You don’t need to eat a mountain of babies to work your way over to the dark side, just one will do it! Same for being chaotic. It should take an enormous degree of consistency and determination NOT to do ANYTHING Evil or Chaotic no matter how tempting it is.

Deciding to do something willfully evil or destructively chaotic should be a big, big deal.

  1. The dialog is WAY too wordy and needs to be gone at with a machete. It is actually WORST when it’s voiced because they go on and on and ON. If this can’t be done or Chris Avellone can’t stand it do NOT have those poor voice actors read the ENTIRE wall of text.

  2. It’s kind of absurd that you can wander into people’s houses and take their stuff and nobody bats an eye. Granted, I’m aware that implementing ownership and theft as part of the game adds an enormous depth of multiple layers of crap that can go wrong for probably not a lot of value. However, there’s an easy fix for this . . . don’t put loot nodes inside people’s houses. You can have stealing various things be dialog-based skill check like all the other conversation skills.

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  1. Communal version of those spells do not exist.
  2. My fighter could hit them on Cca 7 or higher. Boss on 13 I think. (Best items, buffed, but not min-maxed stats)
  3. Rations are a) water b) firewood c) conservated food d) other small items such as flint and etc.
    7_I hope you mean description of source when you look at the stat damage. Agree.
    10_PnP rules.
    11_It is automatically on in Kingmaker.
    13_Agree or alternatively I would like for Owlcat to copy Dragon Age Origin tactics options.
    15_Problems seem to be you are using mobility toggle ability on low mobile targets(such as person in armor, or no points in mobility skill) since they have to pass check each time and you should use it on people that are going around melee not those who are engaged, in Real Time with Pause it is weak ability. otherwise you should to use invisibility potion/spell.
    19 _ Will be in WotR

Note: when you try to do skip number. Forum will think you made mistake. You want 7. 11. 12… Forum will correct it to 7. 8. 9.

I really have tried to read your rant, and yes, how this is written its not a suggestion list, its a rant.
Pleasy try at least to write properly, dont use capslock all the time and write it calm and in not such an unfriendy behavior. Thanks!

I wanted to actually answer your complaints but than i read that you think spells are useless and I realised you are beyond help.

I will try to discuss his argument about spells, when I get to my PC.

I agree with some of the UI complaints, I’ve mentioned in another thread that I think the UI design leaves a lot to be desired.

I’m curious what difficulty you played on with regard to AC and spell damage. On challenging I didn’t find either of those to really be an issue. In fact, on challenging, Hellfire Ray with Octavia became so powerful it was ruining the game and I just upped the difficulty to where the touch AC makes it much harder to hit with that spell so I have to try other tactics. Though I took some feats that help with Hellfire Ray, I did not fully optimize Octavia for that spell… it wasn’t planned in advance. I am taking advantage of some items that apply meta-magic though.