My purchase hasnt gone through and im not sure where to post this

Hey Owlcat
I wasnt sure where to post this but I just bought Early Access for Wrath of the Righteous and it has somehow taken my money and given me nothing.

EDIT: I know its verified on the page but I was looking for proof of purchase in my emails. Hope that helps.

There is no early access at the moment. Wrath of the Righteous just finished his alpha 2 phase and i don’t think they have officially say when Beta will start.

What did you buy? A pre-order beta early access from Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous | Preorder?

If yes, then you should receive a email with a key when the beta is officially launch. But if you still have issue with your purchase in anyway, you can contact support at


Thanks pal ill email em now

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