My kingdom was destroyed (Feedback)

My kingdom finally collapsed… damn :slight_smile:

Despite me loving the whole kingdom idea, I also have to admit that it sort of feels like being sucker punched in the private parts, when your kingdom collapses like this.

I manage to get my characters to level 15, which takes quite a long time and I really tried to get my kingdom working, having annexed 8 lands, probably invested close to a million gold into it.
Having most stats at V and IV and the Kingdom on Serene, but little did it help my advisors simply couldn’t handle any of the events, if I was lucky they would have 20% chance to solve the problems, most would be a 0%, I handled all the quests in the War of the river kings fairly fast and just waiting for a chance to counter attack.

Not really sure how exactly the collapse thing works as it’s not really explained I think, or I might have missed it. But I assume that it is when the individual stats get to zero?

I have two stats at zero, one of them is a V (so part of the highest in my kingdom) and the other is a III.

Given that I get flooded with events (Problems) that my advisors are not even remotely close to be able to handle, even with crisis points, which you don’t really have a lot of, the chance is very low so probably better to spend a lot of crisis points making sure that some are handle and others aint. But also having invested so much money into my kingdom, it sort of feels like a gambling game based on luck more than anything else, where you as player are not really in control, but are rather throwing tokens on the roulette and crossing your fingers.

It took me quite some time to even figure out how the probability of success is even calculated, with the advisors, kingdom stat etc. And it could probably be better explained, because when I finally figured it out, it was already to late.

Advisors influence on the success chance
I see where you were going with this, but I don’t really think it work very well or make a lot of sense.

Taking the position of Grand diplomat, I have two options Valerie or Linzi and the position benefit from CHA. Which make sense for Linzi, if you keep her as a bard. But Valerie as a fighter, doesn’t really benefit from it as far as I know, as you probably want to give her STR or CON.

And the only other position she can have is the Regent one, which is also based on CHA. Which means that if you want to get the most out of her in these positions, you have to give her very weird gear, that increases CHA and whenever you have to bring her, you have to go change her gear and even then she is not that good. You are better off, just making a mercenary (dummy) where you just maximize, in this case CHA and just give them a headband of as high bonus to CHA as possible, even with the -4 from being a mercenary he is still way better.



It make sense in regards to optimizing your kingdom, but also completely removes all personality from your advisors as Valerie have a storyline.

I think it would be much better, if the success of your advisors were not linked to their stats at all, but rather a seperate one, govern by their alignment. So the conflict, between how you as player want to rule your kingdom, based on your alignment as well, could result in different things.

So lets say my character is Chaotic evil and Valerie were lawful good, then we are pretty far from each other, so the way she would want to do things, would negatively impact me somehow, if I agreed to do it her way, but it might also increase her abilities as an advisor. So basically all these events, would be trade offs, didn’t always have to be an increase in her ability to solve issues, it could also just be a chance to increase, but at the same time give some other benefits like stats in the kingdom as it already is.

The way you actually increases your advisors now is to raise the individual stats, like Divinity, Arcane etc. As this gives you +2 per level. But you never really get the impression that your advisors gets better or more experienced, unless as I said above, you give them strange gear just to maximize their chance.

Another issue is that it also make it slightly more difficult to really customize your followers, like if I wanted Linzi to be a Slayer rather than a bard, she would suffer as an advisor as well, given that you probably wouldn’t give her CHA. So it adds a lot of unnecessary limitations or remove a lot of customizations options from the game.

Because for me now, this playthrough is over… I don’t have save games that make me solve this issue, unless I go really far back, which I don’t really want to do. I could obviously turn on the indestructible kingdom, but I don’t like that, I made the choices I did and they stand.

But at the same time, I can’t really help feeling that I was beaten by poor game mechanics more than anything else, or that my advisors was beaten, as I personally think, I tried to take really good care of my kingdom and them, but that they simply can’t keep up with the problems, as they are not correctly suited for it and you yourself is basically defenseless in that regard, unless you really optimize and play by the book. Maybe you are suppose to have at least 8+ in all the kingdom stats by this time? i don’t know. But having 5 and spend so much money on the kingdom didn’t seem to even be close to enough.

Anyway, will start a new game and try to throw even more money into the kingdom, when the time comes :smiley:

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Ugh, that sucks, sorry to hear that your kingdom died. Yes, it is a good idea to just pour all of your money into the kingdom as early as possible, and rank up your advisors as quickly as possible.

I always found success by doing the main quest for each year ASAP, then ranking up advisors when I could. There is more than enough time to get in side quests and exploration as you wait for other cards to complete.

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That is really sad.
I finished the game some time ago without problems and my success chance was almost always above 60%. I admit that I save scummed to win almost all kingdom events.

some advice: (spoilers)

  • You need a priority list. I would say 1.) companion quests ( except the tiefling twins, continue the quest once their friends have finished all tasks and one of those comes later) 2.) the main quest 3.) solve kingdom problem events 4.) claiming new regions and 5.) upgrade kingdom stats, everything else comes after this.
    You can do exploration when you are on the way to companion or main quests.

Here is what I did:

  • When a quest pops up (usually someone comes to your throne room) do it ASAP and explore all areas left and right on your way to the quest goal.
  • Do the main quest. When doing it, explore all areas you find left and right along your way. You can claim new regions when finishing parts of the main quest or you upgrade your kingdom stats.
  • When you are done with all urgent quests you should do kingdom management. Do this until less than 28 days are left to the next bald hiltop event and only interrupt this if new quests come up. The portal at bald hiltop opens 14 days and 23h before the timer runs out and a kingdom upgrade lasts 14 days, thats where the 28 day limit comes from.
  • Kingdom management means: If you have no urgent quest and at least 28 days to the next bald hiltop curse, look if you can claim a region. If you can do it ASAP. Build a village in this region ASAP. Until you can build teleporters you should build those villages as close as possible to the capital to reduce travel times. Except for the first village in the outskirts, visit the new village ASAP. You will find an artisan there. talk to them, build their workshop and do their quest ASAP. Build only buildings that improve your ability to solve kingdom events. Otherwise buildings are a waste of money. When there is no region to claim you should improve your kingdom stats ASAP. Claiming regions and improving stats skips 14 days. Make sure all problems that end the next 14 days have an advisor who works on them and as many davisors as possible have something to do. I recommand to save scum region claims and kingdom upgrades to succeed as many events as possible in the meantime, reasons see below. Continue this until new quests come.
  • Never skip days unless you are near the end of the game and you have explored everything. You should go out and explore if all advisors who could be upgraded work on a problem at the moment and if there are less then 28 but more then 15 days are left to the next bald hiltop curse.
  • After buying a few useful things from your merchant (like the ring with the trickery bonus) you should spend ALL your money for BP. You have to do this for a long time, probably until you become king.
  • When you have 3 villages you can upgrade one village to a town if there are at least 6 buildings in each village. Same thing every time you get 3 more villages or you get 3 towns. Towns need at least 12 buildings each then. Except for artisan workshops and buildings that improve your kingdom management, get the cheapest buildings to reach these numbers (walls and piers do not count)
  • Build teleport circles in every settlement as soon as you can build them. Reduced travel times are great.
  • Do not upgrade regions as long as you can upgrade advisors. I talk about projects in the regions tab. They skip 14 days and cost lots of money. You should do upgrades in the “other” tab who help your advisors or your party because they do not skip days.
  • There are 2 projects that reduce time for region claiming and advisor updates to 7 days. Do them ASAP and do not claim or upgrade stuff until they are finished.
  • You must know that kingdom management is a death spiral. When things go well chances are high that they stay well. When something goes wrong chances are high that things will go worse. There are two reasons for it: 1.) high kingdom stability gives you bonus to advisor chances, low kingdom stability gives a penalty and 2.) The points you gain from succeeding kingdom events (problems and opportuneties) are your main source of kingdom stats. If you succeed events you gain points and thanks to these points you can upgrade your advisors which increases your chance of success and you get even more points. If you fail you do not get points (or even lose some and you can lose stability) you cannot upgrade your advisors which leads to more failure in the future. Thats why I strongly recommand save scumming kingdom events. You do not need to win ALL of them, but if you do not win most of them you are doomed sooner or later.
  • allways have some spare BP. Some events will lower your BP and you lose kingdom stability when BP get negative.

You need to understand that this game is not about saving the world but about saving your kingdom. Get equipment that is useful for your party (loot from dungeons and gifts from artisans, there are only a few good things to buy (but some of the stuff you can buy is great). Outside of equipment, spend ALL of your resources for your kingdom. Only after you become king the kingdom can make enough money so that you do not have to spend all your money for the kingdom. Do not waste time and spend as much time as possible for region claims and advisor upgrades.

I hope this helps if you try again another time.


I like that idea that you have to spend money on the kingdom. As it forces you to get out there as that is the only way you can really boost the BPs.

I don’t want to save scum, because I think it adds a lot of fun to the game, that you have this idea of what you want to do, and then it fails and you have to adjust to that. If I chose something during a dialog that results in a combat and I fail, I will try to reload until I end up the same place, that is probably as close to save scumming I will go. But if I don’t get the initial result the first time then its just too bad :slight_smile:

And hopefully, I will be better prepared for dealing with the kingdom this time once I get to that point. But time will tell, I guess.

Yea kingdom management on normal difficulty without savescumming shouldn’t be winnable, in my experiences.

You think it should be winnable without it or did you actually mean that one should save scum to do it? Just to clarify.

I managed it on normal ok in my second playthrough, most problematic were War of the King problems, but they were most profitable too. And that was before Crisis points.

I did this on my ironman (Last Azlanti) run, same as @WiseRaven wise, this was before Crisis tokens. You just need to drop every penny into the Kingdom, and get all of the crafters going ASAP. Eventually, their gifts make up for everything you spent at the start.

I found that a good way to think about it is like combat and your kingdom as another character. You will give hits (successes), and take hits (failures), but overall, you should be getting experience (net gain in points). Equipment comes and goes for characters, but every bit helps for your kingdom so everything you do has a snowball effect for it there.

I intend to throw almost all money into it, also because now that I have played it once, there is a long way between good items that you can buy, which I think is a shame, the vendors should have more randomized items and maybe even stuff that buffed advisors as well. Or at least some way of regaining control, it seems a lot like if you are first behind, its like just a matter of time before its over, with little to no options to recover. As a new player, like me, you probably notice it to late. Even when my kingdom started to go down hill, despite it being Serene and looked fine. The sudden change in how fast it collapses is crazy I think, and is something you have to be aware of before getting to that point.

And I think that is a bit of a design flaw to be honest as it doesn’t really give you a chance to react. My kingdom was probably already screwed when I was level 10 without knowing it, because everything seemed fine, and me having no clue that the problems would skyrocket in difficulty all of the sudden. I would probably redesign it quite a bit, if it was up to me. :slight_smile: