Must The End be the end?

I believe it would be awesome if players had the option to continue play after the end of WotR.
I suggest that an option is presented at the end (after credits) for each player to chose if he/she want to end the game or resume game play and continue to play and explorer the map and manage random world/kingdom events.
Such option was something I REALLY missed in Kingmaker. I had to neglect map exploration many times due to timed kingdom and quest events and at the end of the game there were still a lot of things to explore and do. After defeating the LK and redeeming my green girlfriend ( :smirk:) I was eager to return to kingdom affairs and accomplish everything I wasn’t able to. Unfortunately it was not an option in Kingmaker and for me a huge disappointment :sob:
I imagine that some other players also had the same desire to get back to the game and continue to explore and develop their kingdom. So I’d love to at least be given the option to continue play after the end of WotR.


I think that the real problem that you also mention is the timed part of the game, without that you could have all the time that you need to do exploration and Kingdom management before the end. There is already a thread about timers in Kingmaker but it is a really divisive one, so brace yourself XD

The OP certainly exposes one issue with the game’s timers, but I’d also point out that many of the game’s areas are partially shaped by Nyrissa/LK and would no longer make sense if you visited them after endgame. If Owlcat had enough free time to be able to rewrite those areas for post-endgame play, it would be a lot of fun to go back into the game after endgame to see what they are like. However they’ve said the game is feature-complete so it seems incredibly unlikely such a rewrite would happen.

If Owlcat did allow you to go back to them anyway, there would likely be a huge influx of complaints and bug reports about how certain NPCs are failing to recognize your victory and certain encounters are still happening even though they logically shouldn’t after your victory. I do think it would be possible to give players a “play at your own risk” warning and then just let them experience that anyway, but it’s hard to say whether doing that outweighs the possibility that “why didn’t they finish the game?” complaints could gain traction, even though the complaints would be totally unfair in this context.

PoE1 and even Fallout 1 confronted the same issue and made the same decision for the same reason. However at least in the case of Fallout 1 there are mods that let you continue, though I’m not aware of similar mods for PoE1 or Kingmaker.