Multiple Characters

Can we have in WotR, the ability to upload multiple characters with the “upload your own character picture” thingy…? I -loved- in Kingmaker being able to upload my own character picture/icon, but I felt like it would be awesome to be able to do that with multiple characters.

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You already can in Kingmaker. Not sure what this suggestion is about.

Yeah I was thinking the same, maybe we are missing something? :thinking:

Now I’m confused… When you replace the file image for your character (in the folder), if you replace it a second time - does it not alter your first custom character?

You can create more portraits ordner than only that one in there. That is just the example on the format of them which you are overwriting. Same as in Kingmaker. I dont know the ordner structur from memory but im sure you can google it. Or look in Nexusmods for Kingmaker portraits. There is a realy good pack of hundreds of portraits and it explains how to import them all together in your game. Portraits are compatible for wrath of the righteos aswell