Mount "buff" stuck on un-mounted character; prevents mounting

I created a Beast Rider Cavalier with the Mastodon mount, Mount was working great at first, besides character appearing inside of the mount model, instead of sitting. At some point there was a scene transition or rest or something and I was separated from my mount. The icon that shows up when mounted is stuck on my character and can’t remove it. It also will not let me mount again.

Happened to me to. Apparently its a bug from leveling up your character while they were mounted.

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I have this same issue. There’s a thread here where editing the Party.json is suggested, but it’s just about useless advice. Is there another way to remove a buff to fix this?

I haven’t found a solution yet, aside from the thread you mentioned. I didn’t have a save from before/after it happened to compare values to get it to work. Tried changing a bunch of values anyway to no avail. Hoping it’s fixed in an upcoming patch or something, mounting is still pretty new I take it.