(Mostly) Automated Kingdom Management Spreadsheet

Hi all,

This is a kingdom management spreadsheet that I made 2 years ago for a now canceled Kingmaker campaign. We didn’t get into any army stuff, so that is lacking.

NOTE that this is based on the Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Management and NOT the system listed in Kingmaker book 1.

I created a mostly automated google sheets document to allow for easy management and sharing. This sheet allowed us to run a turn in about 5-10 minutes (1 city with a <10 size kingdom). Please copy this if you want to use it.

Please leave any questions here, and I will try to generate a guide and FAQ based on what people find unclear.

Usage basics:

-Blue is for manual entry / drop down selection
-Grey is for formulas and (do not touch) cells
-The name of each city must match the name of the city’s tab
-Lock the data tab once you have copied the sheet

Manual operations:

-Add/remove treasury BP
-Generate magic items
-Add/remove building discounts
-City map layout
-Army management not included yet (probably not going anywhere unless I find another campaign)

(Mostly) Automated Kingdom Management Template:
Kingdom of Template

Our Kingdom as an example:
Barony of Greenbelt

Credit - The basic layout was modified from a completely manual spreadsheet but I cannot remember the source. I’m happy to credit that person once I figure out who they are.

I played Kingmaker almost to completion and I deem the kingdom IMPOSSIBLE to manage without a spreadsheet of this type.

This one looks much better that the one we used, so kudos for that!