More DC buffs and feats for Kineticist

As far as I know, the only way to buff Kineticist DCs is with elemental focus and greater elemental focus, no other feats or abilities are included that can help you increase them. It would be nice to get something like the ability focus feat that alchemists get for their bombs and more kineticist specific feats like Kinetic prodigy, signature infusion or composite blast technique, even variants of these as mythic feats would be nice.

Have you tested even Elemental Focus? As far as I’m aware, those feats only apply to spells with elemental descriptors, not Kinetic Blasts or Wild Talents, which are Spell-Like Abilities, and not, in fact, spells.

Aside from that, your save DC as a Kineticist is based on your CON (for most things) or your DEX (for Form Infusions). Have you tried increasing the DC by taking enough Burn to enter Elemental Overflow? The bonuses to your physical stats are Size bonuses and will stack with many other things. I was able to easily take an elven Kineticist from 14 CON to 26, without even including things like the +2 inherent potion in act 5. And that’s with a racial CON penalty.

You’re right, elemental focus does not apply for Form DC, I miscalculated it, dang. I’m using a Dark Kineticist Tiefling focusing on fire first and earth for my expanded element, I like characters with a high INT for skills, unfortunately Soul Power does not add anything to ability scores or DC. I’d rather not use the rather cheasy Deadly Earth form constantly, but there is very little choice when it comes to reliable AOE damage. I know that DEX is the primary stat for form DC and INT (for me) adds damage to Blasts and determines DC for Wild talents, but a spellcaster only has to worry about one Ability Score and can use several feats plus a bunch of items to increase the DC even further depending on which school they focus on. My Nenio’s phantasmal killer (lvl 4) is DC 30 (10+4 (spell level)+8(INT)+4(feats)+(4 from items)) at level 13, with 27 INT, I could heighten it to lvl 7 for a DC of 33. On the other hand my Eruption form is DC 23 with 23 DEX (10+7(blast level)+DEX(+6)), my Ember’s Firesnake (lvl 5) is DC 27 with 24 CHA. When fighting a group of enemies with Evasion, the 4 higher DC makes a really big difference between doing damage and wasting your turn. I’m near the end of Chapter 3, my DC will slowly increase by 1 every 2 levels with an extra 1 at level 16 and whatever DEX bonus items I can get since I don’t believe there are any items for Kineticists aside from the diadems and the ring of destruction, while a lot of enemies i’m currently fighting have saves over 20 (Core difficulty), It would be nice to have some options so we could at least somewhat compete with spell casters, but at least Improved Critical(Mythic) does work even if it doesn’t show.

I’m not sure what to tell you. I played a Kinetic Blade build, on a suboptimal race for the class, and threw out multiple touch attacks for ridiculous amounts of dice. Spell Penetration does work for a kineticist, and, though it would bring you into melee, Blade Whirlwind even allows you to use touch attacks in an AoE. Maybe that would be better for your Dark Elementalist, since you need to avoid taking Burn and can’t boost your DCs with Elemental Overflow?

The answer to a less-than-great build isn’t to ask for wholesale buffs to entire classes, it’s to respec your build. I’m not sure what else to tell you, other than you’ve chosen an anti-synergistic setup and are running into the consequences of that choice.

It will be ready for first DLC just like P:K. Wouldn’t touch it until then. You do get some basic (but powerful) item and mythic support.

I mean, fair, I guess. But my Kinetic Blade regularly threw around 500+ damage in a round, with attacks that literally couldn’t miss, between enemies’ typically low touch AC, and my Elemental Overflow just giving me a ridiculous attack bonus, and Always A Chance removing natural 1’s from the equation. Camellia even cast Communal True Seeing that last all day, so I didn’t have to worry about mirror images or displacements either. Spell Resistance wasn’t even usually a problem, because not many feats to take meant I could load up on Mythic / Greater Spell Penetration and Arcane Focus on top of Elven Magick. That character was Azata, too, so I could use a 24-hour Ode to Miraculous Magick.

Kineticists are incredibly strong. You just can’t take an archetype that removes their primary mechanic and expect them to stay that way. All I can really say is, Burn may look scary on the surface, but the more Burn you take, the more CON you get, so you don’t actually really lose that many max HP compared to other characters. At 9 Burn, I still had more remaining max HP than Seelah.

Long story short: pick Toughness at 1st or 3rd level, and learn to love the Burn.

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I agree that not all builds or play styles would or should be viable and especially not all builds are nor should be equal, but not having access to basic feats made specifically for the class feels off. It would be like not having metamagic feats or spell focus for mages or the weapon focus/specialization tree for fighters, sure the class still works but it will not feel right. I’m not asking to implement some obscure feat from a 3rd party book no one’s ever heard about, this is from the core Kineticist book plus a feat that’s already included for another class that could work well with this class if you want to go for AOE forms. There are a lot of stuff for kineticists that they left out, like forms like explosion, and yes, relying on having enemies fail saves is not a good strategy unless you can cheese it and break your DCs, plus having bugged items that do not work like the gloves of arcane eradication, which would be extremely useful, does also hurt.

I’ve played a lot of DnD 3.5e with most if not all the books that were released, we had to ban a lot of said books or parts of those books because of overpowered/stupid things that would make any build viable no matter what you did and I’d rather not have the game in a similar state. I don’t really like min/maxing or using cheesy abilites, I did far too much of that back with DnD, wall of thorns comes to mind, and at higher levels having an entangling/grappling empowered maximized Deadly Earth with magma composite blast for 0 burn which will outright kill or lock down just about any non-boosted enemy with no save or ability to resist the damage feels powerful but every fight will pretty much end up being mostly the same.

I’d just like for more builds to be viable without relying on broken mechanics (no save, not the burn), guess I’ll need to look to mods to implement more feats eventually. Cheers though and let’s hope they can fix all of the bugs soon-ish.

I mean, I just told you about my Kineticist who didn’t fight anything like that. She chunked Deskari’s health down to nothing in Iz in like two rounds. I didn’t even have the element to allow me to take Deadly Earth. I just got up in his face with a sword made of Ascended Electricity, and danced around Riftcarver with Crane Style and Combat Expertise, because I could take all the penalties I wanted and still be super accurate. XD

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