Morale loss cap when there are no armies to fight

I’m currently tying up loose ends in chapter 3 and my morale is dropping quickly because there are no enemies to fight. Morale dropping that low when the war is being won makes no sense.

I could see it dropping a bit because troops are getting restless with nothing going on, but to continually drop well into the negatives because I’ve been thorough at wiping out the enemy is just punishing the player for trying to experience as much content as possible. And the decrees to raise morale such as the monthly parade aren’t enough to keep up with it.

I suggest having morale loss stop at 0 when there are no enemies to fight.


I agree. In this PT I decided to clear all of the armies early on … but due to not having any attacks from demons after this, my morale dropped down to broken. Luckily, I’m just messing around with things at the moment, so it doesn’t bother me … I know when I play properly, that I will need to pace the crusade fights. But, for somebody who only intends to do one playthrough, this could be incredibly frustrating. In beta, demon attacks, still continued at regular intervals, even after clearing all of the demon forts … it would be great if this still happened, so that you don’t end up with a broken morale stat just because your Commander did their job of killing demons too well. :slight_smile:

you should have task that gives 20 or something morale

That happened for me in the beta … but for this PT it just didn’t trigger in my game. For some reason, I didn’t get any repeat morale triggering tasks. I suspect that this also happened to @fontane .

This feels like a common issue/concern

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Yes … it happens in Acts 3 & 5!

Ya i’m having it in Act 3

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Currently having this issue as well. Completed everything before the opening of the Fane and during the month to wait for that, two flags go red and the morale just plummets. Used toybox to just keep flags green because that’s just dumb. Either the 30 days per tower thing doesn’t stack or I’ve spent a lot more time messing around then I thought. Either way… that’s something that seriously needs to be fixed as you have absolutely no control over it. Like stop morale falling when all armies you can fight have been wiped out or give us daily morale boosting cards that can keep it above it’s current rate of fall.