Modding outfit visuals

Hello! Would anyone point me in the right direction for editing or modding the starting class outfit? I love the inquisitor one, I think it has the best looking cloak and looks great under all the armors, so I’d like to use it regardless of the class I play.

I know there exists visual adjustment mod that lets you select any outfit, and has plethora of other useful features. However, currently it suffers from (I think) game engine related issue that strips color palette off the characters on area loads, and rebuilding the character dolls to fix it does not work on the characters not currently in your active party. So, using this mod isn’t ideal if the outfit is the one and only thing I’d like to change.

Is there a way to just edit the outfit reference in the save game?
Is there a way to unpack some game bundle and just copy/paste one outfit reference to a different class?

Thank you in advance!