Missed Kaessi event at Baron dinner, now she's not in my game

Platform: PC

Do you have any mods? No

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible: I have the Enhanced Plus version of the game where you first meet Kaessi at the manor. Well, you know that Kaessi conversation that triggers as you approach the top of the dinner table when they make you Baron, just before you choose your advisor? Yeah, apparently it doesn’t happen if you walk up the left side of the room…which is what I did. Meaning, I completely missed the “have a drink / I’ll be renting a house and you should come visit me” automatic conversation in my game. Because of this, Kaessi’s home is empty and lacks the Kaessi’s House symbol on the map.

Is there any way to fix this via console or any other tricks? I’m still in Chapter 2 but well past the baron dinner thing.

I’m having the exact same difficulty. Verified the DLC is installed, verified Steam integrity, even uninstalled / reinstalled, but Kaessi does not show up at banquet (she was at the beginning of the game). Any ideas?