Methods of actually *revealing* stealthed enemies?

I’ve done some googling on this, but all I can really find is discussion about negating concealment and such; “this spell negates concealment, that one ignores bonus from invisibility, that one prevents flatfoot, that one provides immunity to gaze.”

Okay, but what I really want to know is, which spell, if any, will reveal enemies that are hidden? As in, they cannot be seen on the screen (for whatever reason; stealthed? under an invisibility spell?), but casting this spell makes them appear visible.

For example, walking around in Swamp Witch’s Hut area. Is there a spell I can cast that will make it so I see the wisps before they attack? Or Ratnook Hill. A spell I can cast that will allow me to see the wererats before they attack?

Echolocation? True Seeing? I know See Invisibility doesn’t work, at least in the case of the wererats, because I’ve tried it.

P.S. I’ve also read that this a bit of a sticky issue because, at least in some (most? all?) story instances, the “invisible” enemies are not actually invisible, but are instead simply not spawned yet; you can’t see them until they attack because they literally don’t exist in the game world before that point. Does anyone know how prevalent this is? Is it “main quest/story” enemies only? All scripted encounters?


  1. Which spells, if any, will reveal/spot an invisible/hidden/stealthed enemy?
  2. Is it true that the “invisibility” of some enemies is actually due to them simply not spawning until right before they attack?
  3. If “yes” 2, how prevalent is this?

Gritterdust is the classic. As you say, there are some where they haven’t spawned in because the implication is that they are physically hiding in or behind something. As an example, in that swamp map, there is a Wisp hidden in the well who jumps out, and a couple hidden in carts or houses.

For just stealthed enemies, theoretically a high Perception, spells like Echolocation and Thought Sense, or abilities like the necromancer’s or bone oracle’s Life Sight should do the trick. I’m not sure if they’re bugged in part or all, however.

  1. There’s not really a spell against mundane Stealth. Glitterdust can help since iirc it gives the enemy a -40 on its Stealth, but in general it’s just a Perception check.

  2. I think most “stealthed” enemies are in truth just not spawned yet, so there’s no way around them, I think for example all encounters with Will’o’Wisps belong to this category

I’m sorry, but exactly what creature could still hide with a -40 to Stealth when standing within visual range of a party anywhere close to their CR.

A level 10 creature: 10 ranks, skill focus (+6), class skill (+3) and 12 Dex (+1) with glitterdust (-40) would have exactly 0% chance of hiding from (and I love that I found this) an Alcoholic Fisherman (level 1 commoner).

I don’t understand how that is not a complete counter to mundane Stealth.

See Invis gives you +20 Perception against invisible creatures.

That isn’t the case - see pic. The spell he’s looking for is See Invis.

There’s a very high perception check to spot a trap in front of the Wererat cave. If you pass that you can disarm it with a tough Trickery check. That removes their invis.

Faerie Fire removes Displacement/Blur, Echolocation/True Seeing bypasses it. Glitterdust does not remove it. True Seeing also bypasses Mirror Image now.

From my tt experience that’s actually possible because monsters can have insane amounts of stealth, especially if they are tiny or smaller, because that gives a ton of dex while also giving a huge “size” bonus to stealth, and racial boni to stealth. No idea tho in which range the numbers in the game are

Problem with Glitterdust is also that you first must know that and where a stealthed enemy is, so it’s not that easy to handle.

I posted a pic of how it works. It’s not insane. You already need a lot of Perception or you’ll miss half the game. Keep See Invis up and you’ll detect them fine.

You even have two new Divination spells in Wrath that help you do this even better.

Play the game. It’s fun.