Metamagic: Bolster Spell hit allies

Every spell with Bolster hit everyone inside 5 feet of the spell target, you need to use Selective spell to make it work normally.
So it’s totally useless because the large majority of spells Bolstered CAN’T use Selective metamagic.

That’s how Bombs work too without the Precise Bombs discovery so you can just treat it like a Fireball and aim carefully or use Resist Element.

Except that that is how bombs are supposed to work, and this is a bug, as nothing in the Bolster description explains that behavior.


True, the description says enemies within 5 feet. Not all creatures (which would include allies). Sounds like a bug, or a poor description. Makes it far less useful.


The majority of bolstered spell are not bombs at first, you need to select a target.
You can’t control the aoe because selective don’t work with single target spells.

I turns Rays into Bombs. I haven’t tried it with AoEs yet.

Yes but it’s just a bonus, when you use magic missile bolstered you don’t want to kill all your front line…
And when you use a high level bolstered spell you neither want to see all your allies atomised…

Nor does an Alchemist want his Bombs to hit his allies. That’s why he takes the Precise Bombs feat. And you don’t want to hit your allies with Fireballs so you use selective Metamagic. AoE effects are naturally harder to control so it follows that changing single target effects into AoEs would produce similar results.

But again, this argument assumes Bolster is intended to be an ally-damaging area of effect, like bombs are. Precise Bombs is an ability intended to resolve this issue on bombs, an issue which is itself part of the intended mechanics. Bolster spell does not have the verbiage to indicate it SHOULD work like this, and the ability which resolves friendly fire problems with spells (Selective Spell) does not always work with things affected by bolster. Again, because that is not an intended interaction, per the descriptions of all relevant abilities.


This is why it is a bug, Bolster normally don’t target your allies. And Selective are not valid for a majority of spells because Bolster wasn’t intended to target anything but enemies.

The feat states “Additionally, all enemies in 5 feet of the spell targets are dealt 2 damage per die”. So it is clearly a bug.

I know. The description may be the bug is what I’m saying.

That’s true. If that’s the case they should fix the description at least. I am kind of tired of all the trial and error you need to do for every build.

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Thats the bug with Bolster as a whole, If I use bolster metamagic rod, my spells hit allies as well.

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can confirm it is still bugged even under recent patch, e.g.: bolstered Chain Lighting does damage to party members (while both the spell itself as well as bolster-metamagic should only work on enemies)

Bolster still damages allies, either the description NEEDS to be changed, or they need to fix this, because I wasted a feat and a mythic feat on this expecting to increase my damage, not vaporize my allies. I’m now hurting my front liners way more then enemies do.

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