Menu Triggers not working anymore [ Xbox]

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After the patch LT and RT seemed to have stopped working on XBox. I started the game up, finished the last fight of Varnholds Lot and then switched to the Main Campaign just before the letter arrived that started Chapter 3. I can not access Inventory, Quests, Character Sheets anymore.

I am not sure if LB and RB are working because I can’t remember what they do.

It ONLY works on the main map where you travel around. But not when you are in locations like cities and dungeons. I tried restarting the xbox, reloading the save, changing locations - nothing seems to work. I fiddled with the options but no chance.

That’s a really strange issue. I don’t think anything in the patch could have disabled these triggers. But you say it’s always repeating now? If you load a different save, do you get this problem there as well?

Has anyone else encountered this issue? :thinking:

I am not 100% sure if it was connected to the patch as I stopped playing a few weeks ago, but it worked fine when I stopped playing and now, after the patch, it happened again. There is at least one other person a few posts down who had it at exactly the same moment.

It sounds like this but I do not know what he means by “map options”

The map options can be accessed on the map screen by pressing Y on the XBOne, IIRC. You can basically turn location labels on and off, and show the kingdom borders. And in my experience, it does indeed screw up the trigger menus.

I tried it once again - it still works AFTER I get the letter from the Sellswords but it stops working when I leave the throne room and get transported to the meeting with Nyrissa. As soon as the zone loads, it does not stop working and it still does not work when you leave the zone.

Edit: This is the latest save that I have where it still works.

I’ve had that issue since the last patch as well. It’s still a problem post patch.

I’m on XB1X, since the patch before this latest one there are times I try and LT/RT on the main map and it won’t do anything.
To solve it I just click ‘X’ and go to kingdom screen. I get right back out of the kingdom screen and then RT/LT works.
Hope that helps

L2 and R2 still don’t work correctly on the world map sometimes after you press other buttons. I don’t know if this is the same bug. The radial menus are a bit buggy there, but they seem to work just fine in other maps.

It seems my english was not clear enough - on the world map it works fine, but everywhere else they are disabled! I can not enter any menus anymore - except when I am on the world map.

I also have the exact same issue after the patch, I am able to select my characters but only if I use the left dpad for the pointer to show up, But it still does not allow me to open any menus except when on the world map, You can see the game acknowledge the trigger button being pressed as it flashes briefly in the ui, But the context menus that should pop up afterwards do not spawn. I just finished Armags tomb on the day the patch launched, Also sometimes the hotbar vanishes and can only be restored by selecting to go between real-time and turn based. I have cleared my xbox one x cache, And the issue unfortunately still persists.

did you get it working again with a workaround? think i tried everything …

In response to Smetanka - the Varnholds Lot Saves are not having this problem. Only the one save that I have still before the cutscene with Nyrissa. As soon as I enter the cutscene with her, the buttons are not responding anymore. I tried hitting buttons, reloading, saving, entering and exiting, chanigng up party members but it does not go away even after several hours of playing.

Unfortunately I have not managed to get it to work, Going to try plugging in a mouse to see if it works, Although I am unsure if the game has mouse and keyboard support. Its a strange bug, And I have no clue what triggered it to appear beyond the patch as it worked fine beforehand

No luck with the mouse at all. I loaded up another save from another character, Who is about to face tartuccio under the old sycamore, And the left and right triggers are responding without issue. This is really puzzling, I had no issue with this prior to the patch on the save its affecting.

This worked for me on PS4 so might be worth a try. First thing I did when I booted the game after updating was to finish my Varnhold Lot save for export. Deleting the “finished” save from my DLC character restored R2 and L2 functionality on my main game save.


Hi Kali,

I just want to say I tried your workaround, And its worked. I guess the fix for Varnholds save has screwed things up on campaigns that cannot import it due to the original bug, I deleted the saves full stop for Varnholds lot and everything is working again. I guess I will put off doing the DLC till I do another run and they can put out a true fix, Thanks for saving me a ton of frustration…I’ll wish for some good fortune to come your way soon :smiley:

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Hm, I suspect the issue could be the broken import screen, that doesn’t show up right now, becasue looks like the controls disable when this screen should appear. We’ll work on it, thanks for the information, guys. And I’m sorry you still can’t import Varnhold’s Lot saves :frowning:

BTW, does anyone have a PS4 save at the beginning of chapter 3, before you get teleported to the Guardian of the Bloom? If you can, could you upload it for me and send me a link, please?

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Ah, didn’t look in this thread before posting in the PS4 patch thread. Yes, I’ll have some saves to upload tomorrow afternoon when I can get my hands on a USB again.

Sorry for the doublepost. One was actually closer at hand than I thought, so here’s the link.

Now, the quicksave is before Chapter 3 was triggered, which happened sometime in the 14 days it took to do a Divine Rankup Project. One of the manual saves is just after that rankup-before even leaving Kingdom Management, and the third is just after the conversation with the Guardian of the Bloom.

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Thank you! This will help a lot!

Happy to help! This game is so massive I’m not surprised by truly baffling bugs like this. I’ve already put so much time into this game because it’s so fun to play out my fantasy of ruling a kingdom the way I (mostly) want. I don’t mind waiting for another patch to fix this issue, since I have other games I’ve been quite delinquent on. Once you have it ironed out in the next or following patch, I’ll jump right back to this game because I love it so much! <3

Oh, uh, pay no mind to what it says that my General for Varnhold’s Lot was a grumpy (but still good!) Scottish Tiefling Rogue/Swordlord multiclass and my Baron is an aasimar Paladin (begrudgingly) of Torag. Those two having similar views from opposite backgrounds is surely coincidence.