Menu graphic glitch/artefact



Do you have any mods?

Visual Adjustments though i did a clean reinstall and the issue was still there anyway. More on that below.

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:

Hi, the issue is that on the level up screen -and thus far and weirdly only it - going from class selection to skill points allocations / to spells will trigger a graphic glitch on specific spots every time the game loads the next page of the “book”. The glitch is a black n blue texture less flash the kind you’d expect on a failed render (literally paint quality black square and/or a blue one inside. Sometimes its akin to the text texture having failed to load turned to blue scribbles. Those happens in place of the usual expanding square highlight animation of the “allocate skill points” and such squares/frames

I noted this issue since my last driver update but i spent so much time looking at those im 99.9% sure i’d have seen it before. Of course then the first step is to reinstall/roll back and test drivers. Which i did extensively (Clean install, with/without DDU, up to 6 prior driver versions. Also tried chipset driver on a whim, loaded correctly one time). Granted this does seem like a “my spec” issue. Except through all of that this is the single occurrence of any issue i’ve had and other random games i had around were functioning perfectly / as usual (pool of 6 could list it). Also check every available driver setting on and off for the sake of it.

Specs are:

msi tmwhk x570
ryzen 3700x
Radeon 480x which has been running for years at a +100mhz memory oc, tried without same result.
16go ram @3600

Ended up reinstalling the game + retesting driver clean install. Still no go.

Checked for memory oc error, scan now , chek dsk and dism. Everything is green. No drop in performance either. Really appears to be isolated texture load/animation load failure.

Tldr: I feel like assuming that the new driver didn’t irremediably upset my card this is a game issue after all or a least something that only the game takes issues with. Either way it’s not something i’d like to have stick around.

Ps: I’ve read through the usual complaints, running window borderless / graphics settings do not affect the issue.

Thank you kindly for any input.

After some more testing it is after all tied to graphics setting and the bloom option appears to trigger it on/off.