Menu Freezes when setting a 4K resolution


I recently bought a 4K monitor and have run into an issue that seems
to only affect Pathfinder, 1920x1080 works fine but when I change to
my native resolution of 3840x2160, the menu freezes and I have to use
task manager to close the game. any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Try to update your graphic card driver.
  • Make sure graphic setting display mode is set to borderless window.
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Thanks Mork, I turned off HDR in windows and that got me to the menu,
I then changed to borderless window and it works perfectly, I can
also turn HDR back on without issue.

I can say for sure that 1440p works OK for me.

It would be nice if people can try out most resolutions (between 640x480 to 8K or so) so “really old” 15" CRT monitor (or maybe laptop users?) and really new 8K monitor users will know if game will work for them.

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