*Maybe spoiler* House at the End of Time - Cant get to the 3rd key


I am about 220 hours into Kingmaker and can’t continue.

I am missing the 3rd key, and have even found some guide about how to get to the 3rd key
(the hidden one). I can get to the hidden pocket, but no matter which way I go in the hidden pocket, I am not ending where the big tree should be. I have tried both from the “real” world and in the “dream” world.
(I know that I am in the 2 worlds as I left some enemies close by in one of the worlds.)

Is there another way to get to the 3rd key? Or is there a fix for this?

Hope you can help me out, so that I can finish the game for the first time, and be ready for the next one.

I just checked and there is no issue in a clean install of the current build. Usually in the HatEoT the problem is people not being in the “world” they think they are, and in the “3rd key room” especially it is super-easy to get turned around on that. However there’s always the possibility that there’s an issue with your install. While it is very unlikely file corruption would delete a key without doing anything else to your run-through, you could test this by reinstalling the game or (if playing through Steam) validating your install.

If all else fails then I believe you can install Bag of Tricks and just spawn the key. Best wishes and good luck.

Okay, I have now tested for a total of 4 hours and the only way to the hidden pocket is like this.
And the way to the key according to guides is the way that I am taking but I am not getting there.
I have tried the other 2 as well, but to cut the screencast down I only filmed the way the guides tells me to go.

Could someone please let me know what way to walk or what I am going wrong?