Map broken leaving Jamandi's

I just returned to playing after a year away. Had no problems with game then. Two new characters have gotten stuck on map just out of Restov on way to the outpost for first time. I get to the road south but there is no arrow to go south. I can only traverse the South Rostland Rd. East and west are my only options. What do I do? I am unable to find a way forward.

IIRC, that’s working as intended, you should only be able to travel towards Oleg’s Trading Post immediately after leaving Restov.

Furthermore, OIeg’s Outpost is to the east of Restov, not to the South!
So if you are trying to go directly South at the first T-intersection, then that’s working as intended, you are not allowed to go there until about the midgame, as that’s Maegar Varn’s Territory, not yours.

On the way to Oleg’s, you should get a scripted fight event, after which you should be able to continue onwards towards Oleg’s Outpost, and after resolving the issues there, you should then be able to freely explore the Shrike area.

Did the mentioned scripted fight trigger for you?
Do you have any mods installed, or did you have any installed from back when you last played the game, which could lead to obsolete mod versions conflicting in any number of ways with the updated game?

And last but not least: did you try continuing on eastwards, where you’re actually supposed to be heading, or is something else blocking you from progressing in that direction?

Thanks so much for your prompt response. :grin:I’ve gone almost to the other end of the map. There is nothing there. The scripted fight never occurs. I don’t see an icon for the trading post. Other than a random encounter with some thylacine that happened 2/3 of the way across the top of the map, there are no fights. The post never appears.

I have no mods on the game.

Thanks for your kind reply in turn. :wink:

That’s definitely a very weird bug; the fight you mentioned is indeed the one I was talking about as well, and it isn’t really random (happens at exactly that location with exactly those enemies every new game), so that part at least works.

For a first simple workaround idea, did you try resting immediately after that fight, while still on that map?
That shouldn’t be required, but one never knows if it might not help anyways.

If all that fails, the next logical step would be to use the “Verify Installation’s Integrity” option of your client, likely Steam?
If so, right-click your game in your Library, select “Properties”, go to “Local Files” and choose the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” option.

That will take some time, during which the client will check for any corrupted or missing files to re-download.

If that in turn should still fail, I’d suggest a complete uninstall and clean reinstall to definitely purge any and all unwanted issues.

Well. I feel stupid. I really thought the trading post was near the road south, not a sneeze away from the far edge of the map. Thank you so much for your time and attention to this. You are appreciated, she says sheepishly.

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I wish you as much fun as I had with this game, m’lady, he says, winking at the beautiful stranger who so kindly responded.