Magus "Knife" Thrower

Ok, I have a concept that I’m not sure if it works and am hoping for feedback, or possibly experience if any particular aspect of it doesn’t actually work.

It’s also largely contingent on the existence of a Corrosive dart, which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen somewhere. If anyone remembers where, that’d be appreciated.

The concept is a magic “knife” thrower who maximizes attacks via TWF and Rapid Shot.

I want to use Eldritch Archer Magus in order to “fix” long term damage, via Elemental Barrage (use Magus weapon enchant to add 3 elements, going to 4 if the above mentioned corrosive dart does exist). I believe this is superior to say, sneak attack damage, because it’s not conditional and penetrates even elemental immunities.

Major Hurdles include a net -4 to hit (spell combat and darts not being light weapons) and low early game damage.

Also weapon enchant abilities presumably only applying to the main hand weapon.

The other reason for “Why magus” over say, Spirit Hunter Shaman is because of things like Dimension Strike existing and allowing for the overcoming of hurdles like absolutely insane AC values of some enemies.

I’m currently planning on Azata for its strong math bonuses from the martial superpower and Believe in Yourself.

Thoughts, input, easy dip enhancements to make this shine?

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Throwing axes are light weapons. Did you consider them? Perhaps even only in second hand.

I had :wink: I’m just one of these neurotic people who want everything to line up with a given image.

Throwing axes are especially attractive due to the availability of a very powerful matched set available early and easily in Chapter 3.

You can get +3 Axe of Silence on Shrine of Desna in act 2.

I made a throwing type of char before and while she hurls a LOT of axes you need super high attack bonus to make it work.
Magus doesn’t seem to consistently be able to do that.

Edit: I’m not sure about the best class yet but:
Level 9 mutation warrior seems tasty, more dex, Duelist Gloves & advanced weapon training to make every throwing weapon light (so you aren’t married to the offhand axe) seem nice.
At least currently mythic finesse allows for dex to damage on throwing.

I don’t know on attack bonus - Magus has, on the low end, Arcane Accuracy for an easy +6 (at least), and Dimension Strike (which can be equivalent to like, 40 attack bonus or more against some difficult foes). As well, not having the magus weapon enchant is a loss of something like 70 average damage per hit with your main weapon with elemental barrage in an ideal situation at mythic 10.

Plus Azata helps put you beyond what any non-main character will have.

I think mutation warrior can pick up like, what, 8 dex and 5 bab on the magus? +9 is a lot, but it is better than targeting touch AC essentially at will until you run out of arcane pool?

Just curious, does Dimension Strike work for ranged weapons as the description specifically calls out melee attacks. Never tried it myself but interested, there is a ranged magus (Eldritch Archer I think?) so maybe it does?

“The magus can expend 2 points from his arcane pool as a swift action to resolve all of his melee weapon attacks until the end of his turn as melee touch attacks.”

I gave a level 11 Dex based Mutagen Warrior a quick whirl with the throwing axes from Chapter 3 against the Devastator in the cave in Wintersun. His AB was quite good but damage was only decent (25-35 per hit) even with mythic finesse.

I think part of the issue is the Crit on throwing weapons is typically poor (20x2 I think) and you can’t use typical things like PA and the two handed strength bonuses to improve it, weapon specialization at +2 is fairly meh?

What about using a Dex based Slayer with thrown weapons following the menacing line (dazzling display, shatter defenses, dreadful carnage) to trigger SA more reliably along with the trickster path for extra SA damage plus better bonuses on found magic weapons (Arcana trick). With SA crits are less important and you want more attacks so it would synergize well with throwing weapons?

Good question, Dimension Strike isn’t on the normal pathfinder SRD stuff (original in Kingmaker?) so I was assuming based on the other arcana options buffing all accuracy…

TESTED - Dimension Strike does not work :frowning:

Prescient Attack, at least, does.

This honestly seems like an oversight, report it just in case maybe?

I’ve been playing with building a front line character duel axes and you need SO MANY feats for 2 weapon throwing it seems mostly fighter would be a must.
Precise shot
Point blank shot
rapid shot (this works with throwing axes…confirmed in game)
weapon focus Axe
weapon specialist
point blank master ( a must for me because I want him on front line, Clearly no harder than Core)
Weapon Train throwing weapons
out flank
Cluster shot
two weapon fight (way later than i’d want for so many feats)
Combat reflexes (I haven’t tested if OoA work with throwing axes yet)
improv 2w fight,
Improved Precise shot
Deadly aim
Snap shot (Depending on OaA working)
Improved snapshot
At this point I can see taking something other than throwing weapon related (iron will) but there is still more.
Greater snapshot (Depending on OaA working)
Improved critical Throwing axe
Hammer the gap (haven’t tested But i think this and cluster shot work with throwing axes)
Penetrating Strike
Greater two weapon fight in there some place

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You really don’t need some of these feats.

You definitely don’t need Outflank. You can only flank when you are performing a melee attack against an enemy threatened by your ally. Even if you can threaten yourself thanks to Snap Shot, you still can’t flank with axes.

Weapon Specialization and Weapon Training are Fighter class features.

Improved Precise Shot is not needed. It doesn’t help against 50% concealment, which is the real issue, not the 20% one.

Deadly Aim is also highly questionable. In my experience even on a two-handed fighter Power Attack is not always worth toggling on, and that’s with increased bonus for using a two-handed weapon.

Hammer the Gap is a godawful feat in general, I don’t think there is a single build out there which would want to have this feat.

Penetrating Strike is also pretty useless once you have Clustered Shots.

And also Clustered Shots and Snap Shot shouldn’t work with throwing weapons RAW, so who knows whether they will work in the full release.

With that in mind, your must-have list is:

Precise Shot, Point-Blank Shot (doesn’t apply to throwing weapons in PnP), Rapid Shot (doesn’t apply to throwing weapons in PnP), Weapon Focus, Clustered Shots (doesn’t apply to throwing weapons in PnP), TWF x3, Combat Reflexes, x3 Snap shot, Improved Critical.

Whether the ranged weapon feats will apply to throwing weapons remains to be seen, I reported some of these interactions as bugs, who knows whether these are intentional or not?

13 feats, more than manageable for a Slayer or Ranger.

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That is feat I pick on Fighters when there are no longer any good feats.

I also think Penetrating Strike is still bugged.

Good info, thanks. As far as feats working with throwing weapons, I believe somewhere I read that throwing axes were classified as a melee weapon in Kingmaker pathfinder but here the weapon description says it’s a ranged weapon. So feats whose description says “ranged” not “bow or melee” should work. Then again if the text is a bug and mislabeled, that is a problem.

Yeah can confirm as long as it says ranged instead of bows, it works with throwing weapons.