Maegar’s portrait

Hi everyone !

I played a while ago on a friend’s account and I had taken at the time the portrait which seems to be that of Maegar. I restarted the game recently and I can no longer find it in the choices offered when creating a custom character … Is this a bug or has it been removed for some reasons ? Or is it exclusive to some DLCs or first / beta users ? Would someone still have the portrait files to make a custom portrait ? I have already found the image in question but I would like to use the real portrait and not an homemade version.

Thanks !

Probably was from a Portrait “mod” that adds additional ones… check out the Kingmaker Nexus for those.

Nope, that was in the early base game. :slight_smile:

A custom character? A mercenary or a main character?

Some portraits are main character only. I think Meagar Varn is one of them.

Maegar’s is one of few portraits that were avalaible at launch but disappeared along the way. It was not a mod, not a custom, and not an npc exclusive portrait.

A strange thing happened with the tiefling portrait too. I got it selected somehow but it is not visible in the gallery.

That makes me think there’s a bug and that I’m not seeing every portraits I should. Or they are not visible for Enhanced version players and that would be stupid.

A dev word on the matter would be nice. Is it a bug ?

The Tiefling portrait (the one “baron-looking, walking down stairs”, right?) is available in my game for sure, as I’ve used that straight from the Gallery, in Slot 01 actually.

As for dev replies, they do not really provide customer service on these forums; you should put in a ticket with Owlcat directly, via the ingame bug reporter (should be F11 if memory serves).

Yes that’s the guy ! :wink:

Could you provide me a link where I could write a ticket ? I searched for this earlier and ended on this forum. Thanks Morisson !

Easiest way, as I’ve said, should be the ingame bug reporter, that should still be active.
Otherwise, you could try to

mail them.

“technical [at] owlcatgames [dot] com”

I’ve also not found any means to put in tickets via their website, I’ve amended my earlier post… thought they also had a ZenDesk running, though maybe I misremembered that.

Do keep in mind however that Owlcat has had to switch to remote/from home work due to the ongoing Corona Pandemic, and they are in the middle of developing their upcoming second Pathfinder game, so it might require a bit of patience.

I just replay the dlc and used a mod to respec Maegar and Cephal to change their classes. Turns out their portraits were changed to other custom ones and I could not change it back! I tried to use other mods but it seems the system portrait got mixed up. This also happens with Regongar’s portrait.

Is there anywhere I can download their proper (original) portrait pics? I don’t know how to access the system’s portrait folder.