MacOS 10.15.5 syspolicyd gremlins

Hello all, I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and knows of a way to prevent it.
I have installed Pathfinder Kingmaker on my Mac, (2019, 16" MBP base w/ i7, 16gb RAM, 4GB Radeon 5300M) but roughly once a day, regardless of whether I have run the game, syspolicyd (Catalina’s Gatekeeper) will spend an hour or so scanning the game’s application support library. ​Always at inconvenient times. CPU runs harder and hotter than it does playing the game. It can be interrupted but can’t be prevented. I have tried Gatekeeper’s master disable, and then created an exception for the game’s .app, but that doesn’t prevent Gatekeeper from interrogating its support library. The only way I have been able to stop this is by uninstalling the game, which is obviously not ideal.

I’ve asked this on reddit but no responses, now I’m hoping there might be someone either among the user base or perhaps on the dev team who might know a trick to help me perhaps hide the Application Support folders from Gatekeeper?