Lost at start of Midnight Fane [Azata]

After the initial confrontation involving demons and minotaurs in the passage west of the main room, it seems like the only way I can go is through a portal in the northwest corner of the map. I’ve cleared seemingly everything in there, including an encounter with 3 beefy Glabrezu. I can’t actually find anything of significance in this area, though, and I keep running into dead ends blocking the eastern half of the map. What am I missing?

That section of the Abyss should lead to another portal back into the Fane. If I recall, the three beefy Glabrezu’s are the optional “right” branch of a fork.

If you go the other direction, I think there’s a ramp with a bunch of babau and succubus archers.

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Thanks! I’ll retrace my steps and see if I can’t find those babau and succubi.

You pass through the center to the eastern side. There is a large ramp in a room on the outer ring there that leads you where you need to go.