Losing spells over time

Hi All,

I’m wondering if anyone else has had the problem of your characters losing entire levels of spells?

It’s super frustrating, since I got into Act IV, and now it’s getting so bad it’s unplayable.

Reloading old saves does NOT help; no matter where I reload from, the same problem keeps happening.

It started with my cleric losing 5th level spells during adventures, but they’d come back randomly. Then my sorcerer lost all spells of 2nd-4th level (it says “no slots”.) Now Camelia has lost all 5th level spells.

I deleted the installation and redownloaded and reinstalled everything, but am still having the same problem.

I hope there’s some solution, otherwise I’m dead in the water and have to wait for the next big patch/release and hope it’s fixed :frowning:

Any suggestions are appreciated!


I’m having a similar issue with my wizard. His spellbook can’t select, or just won’t show the spells listed in his 1st through 4th level spells. They are still usable in game, but I can’t prepare new spells or apply metamagic to any of these spells. Has the the same issue with the lich spellbook.

Yeah that sounds like it…but sometimes I can’t cast the spells either; it says “no suitable slots available”.

My sorcerer still has his Azata spells, but it’s just not playable to have a bunch of 15th level spellcasters swho can’t use big chunks of their spells :\

Maybe this is the Universe to play through again with just a bunch of fighters on Story mode?

From what ive seen, this only happens on 2 occasions…

1st if you create a metamagic. . . .so for example my MC had extended haste at 3rd circle(favorite metamagic mythic used to make it free) and Daeran had prayer and divine power (3rd and 4th circle) same thing, using the favorite metamagic to make extended free…

This makes the entire circle of the spell unacessable by my chars(3rd for MC, 3rd and 4th for Daeran)

2- If your Caster level reaches 21 or more with Mythic path spellbook (so if you take lich and join it with your sorc spellbook, prepare to get a bugged character as you get higher levels) this is a major annoying bug that makes all spellcasting that is not on your currenty hotbars unacesssible, so it can really mess up your characters (this actually forced me to restart , going to go with azata for the time being even if the pet dragon is unmountable for the moment)

Have same problem after metamagic extending haste.

Yes, the metamagic with favorite metamagic mythic must be the problem, as I did exactly that with Extend spell.

I thought it seemed like a good idea to have a million Extended Haste and Improved Invis spells…right up until it all got bugged and killed my game :\

That character does not have favorite metamagic mythic feat yet.

Well I hope the developers are reading this…sounds like there is a bug with metamagic that is not necessarily related to the mythic favorite.

Sadly for me, it’s a show stopper when your main is a sorcerer with several feats and mythic powers devoted to metamagic.

I just noted this issue on a save where Camelia had Favorite Metamagic, extend and spells of various levels with metamagic applied. Essentially a ruined save.

So here I will describe it.
My bard had extended Haste for 4th level, everything was ok.
New patch rolled out and from that point on I had problem, UI for spellbook was “missing”, but you could still see Menu UI at top.
I leveled up and got 5th level spells UI was again ok, but 4th level spell list was empty and number on the UI did not change to 4. Got no Mythic metamagic.

Yep, having this problem too, and apparently is something to do with the mythic metamagic feats.
I simply can’t manage anything from Daeran’s spellbook now, when i select it i just see the “spellbook” tab selected but the image returns to real time game.

I still can cast his spells, but the spell tabs are all weird and i can’t cast any spells that have the extended metamagic on then.

And everything started after the lattest patch (0.5.2i), which i find very strange, because on the patch notes i haven’t found anything related to spell management or something like that.