Loremaster cleric spells, druid spells and wizard spells secrets bug

The main reason why this prestige class its really worth, doesnt work. I hope this will get a fix as soon as possible. c5e7dfd956944926fd96b9a1bce577776d5e1fdf_2_690x388


I think Owlcat is still deciding which spell level the spell in question allows for and how this works out.

Loremaster requires 3rd level spells but as you can cast as much as a 9th level spells, there are way too many spells to get that list of selectable spells working.

The optimum solution would IMO be to replace these Cleric/Druid/Wizard selections with a single selection followed by spell school (Abjuration/Evocation/etc.) selection followed by a limited spell level and then by the spells that remain.


Newfound Arcana (max 3rd level spells)
→ Evocation
—> 3rd level

  • Call Lightning (part of Druid spell list)

  • Fireball (part of Wizard spell list)

  • etc.

Improved Newfound Arcana (max 6th level spells); requires: Newfound Arcana
→ Abjuration
—> 5th level

  • Break Enchantment

  • Spell Resistance (part of Cleric spell list)

  • etc.

Greater Newfound Arcana (max 9th level spells); requires: Imp. Newfound Arcana
→ Conjuration
—> 9th level

  • Clashing Rocks (part of Wizard spell list)

  • Mass Heal (part of Cleric spell list)

  • etc.

Because lets face it, by picking Loremaster with the intent of getting extra spells, the player knows exactly of which spell school he wants spells of.

This limites selection to 1/8th and in a 2nd step he can look at what spells are available of the 3 spell levels that particular Newfound Arcana Secret offers. By sticking to Loremaster he can pick higher level spells eventually.

In all cases, each of the 3 spell levels per Newfound Arcana will only list at most ~10 spells available per spell school so the overview is maintained. The spells available are only drawn from the Cleric/Druid/Wizard spell lists so the general idea behind these Secrets stays too.

Was also mentioned in a parallel thread

I don’t know, it didn’t restrain them to do such an interface for “New Arcana” Sorcerer’s feat with “Arcane” Bloodline. Yes, the interface there is awful, because it doesn’t show you spell levels, spell school and even spell description, but it works somehow. There is huge room for improvement, but this’s possible to be done at least.

I wouldn’t go that far. I, as a Sorcerer, can have no clue which spells I would take from Cleric/Druid spell list. What I know, that I would like to decide on the level of the chosen spell. And to be honest, if the character can cast 9th level spells, I do not see much of a reason to restrain them to pick 9th level spells with this “Secret” feat…

An Evocation Wizard will like a 7th level Fire Storm Empowered to 8th level.

It would be nice. There are tons of great spells that a single-class caster would benefit from, and sorcerers and wizards don’t get a whole lot from their class features at high levels. Have a Dhampire wizard who can grab Harm, a cleric who can grab Heroism spells, a Druid who can grab Disintegrate, etc. would be really good. Summoners could get Druid exclusive summon spells, etc.

This would also improve certain Domains - getting access to an offensive spell your class normally doesn’t have once per day doesn’t help much if your class doesn’t have a solid number of spells from that school to focus in. Blight Caller Druids come to mind - if you pick the Death Domain, you get an assortment of Necromancy spells, but good luck digging up enough regular Druid Necromancy spells to make that worthwhile.