Looking for an Eldritch Knight Build

I’m interested in running an Eldritch Knight in WotR (or Kingmaker, I suppose), but I could do with some help building one.

I’m good with multiclassing or singleclassing prior to EK, but I do lean towards preferring a full caster to take advantage of the EK spell progression.

I’ll probably play a human for this build for the bonus feat and skill points, but I’m open to other options.

The standard melee sorc build takes 1 level in Scaled Fist for the AC bonus, then sorcerer to level 5, Dragon Disciple the next 4 levels, and EK from there.
You will use spells for buffing, mostly. You need to take martial weapons proficiency as a feat to qualify for EK, so you can do that early (e.g. on level 1).
Take a 2h weapon, cast mage armor, shield, enlarge person, mirror image and hack away.
The best mythic path for this in WotR is the Lich because of spell book merging.

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The only thing I’d add to this is to prioritize levelling EK so you get to his capstone ability (swift cast spells on crit) asap. Don’t leave him for last.

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Well, if you crit things while fully buffed, the target is probably dead already.
Since it is called melee sorc, most people will focus on combat feats, not casting feats, so your chances that spells have a huge effect on the enemy are not super high and buffs are used before combat.
Its surely nice to have, but I would take classes in the order as described by Solaufein.

Outside of a melee sorc (expecialy with lich) I see little reason to use eldritch knight class.
If your main focus is casting spells against the enemy, select a full caster class, stay single class and select all casting feats you need.
On a non full caster (no lv9 spells) EK makes no sense at all.

True, however you would get this ability on level 19, and I reached that at the beginning of chapter 5, by doing my mythic quest first (Azata, not sure about other paths). The Lich has some good spells that will still be effective, even without much focus on caster feats, so this may still be a cute little aspect of gameplay in the last two chapters.

Yep, I think it’d go Monk 1 > Sorc 4 > DK 4 > EK 10 > Sorc 1.

Casting a swift spell every time you crit is obviously very powerful and there’s no way a lich won’t have something useful to do with a swift spell.

I guess I’m old school.
I’m using Elven curved blade, weapon finesse and piranha strike. Edit: Power attack and Cleave feats.
x2 Arcane armor for 20% reduced spell failure
Equip Mithral chain shirt (why? It’s cool!)
Buff yourself with the usual: Mirror image, stone skin, blur, shield etc.

Some people love min-maxing and crazy builds, it’s fun for them. If you want a Fighter/Wizard that does exactly what you need it to, simple is better imo.

I went Elf +2 Dex +2 Int -2 Con
Str: 14
Dex: 18
Con: 12
Int: 18
Cha: 11

The biggest reason aim to get EK 10 ASAP is for the Spell critical ability. Also, goes great with weapons that have 18-20 crit range for more crits and more free spell casts

The thing is, strength is really better than dex, because you have better buffs for it. With Lich, you’ll have frightful aspect in chapter 4. And you spare 2 feats. AC is not a topic, see below.

Okay, you do you :slight_smile:
But in WotR, you can select archmage armor, which gets you your mythic rank to your mage armor. This is soon better than even heavy armor, with none of the penalties.

In WotR, you will actually reach level 20 somewhere in chapter 5, so it is worthwhile to build for level 20. This is where 4 levels DD come in.

Certainly, and if you go strength you may even have the feats to invest in exotic weapon proficiency: Fauchard, or use a Falchion, if not.

I kind like paladin 2, sorcerer 6, EK 10, sorcerer +2 (or loremaster if you got the pre). Use weapons with high crit range. Unfortunetly, it is contraditory to go lich path and be a paladin.

You could go for fighter 1, wizard 6, EK 10, Loremaster 2, Fighter +1

I dont know if you qualify to EK with martial weapon proficiency got with background traits, but if you do: sorcerer 6, EK 10, dragon discipline 4.

10 Eldritch Scion
10 Eldritch Knight
Azata Path
Air Bloodline
Rapier crit build Dex/Cha
(finesse/grace feats)

Tempest Build Guide on YT

Yes, and it is not good. A dex build makes sense for a Sword Saint, who gets weapon focus for free and does not wear armor, although a strength build is even better for that archetype. It makes no sense for an Eldritch Scion, who does not get weapon focus for free, but gets heavy armor proficiency. Eldritch Knight does only make sense for full spell casters. If you take it on an Eldritch Scion, you throw everything away that this class gets for 3 BAB and a combat feat (the ES also gets 2 extra feats between levels 11 and 20). That’s not a good deal. Have a look at the class progression to see what an Eldritch Scion gets as class feats in ten levels. Don’t forget bloodline abilities, like +strength from Abyssal.

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You don’t need a perfect class to win in D&D or Pathfinder. You don’t need to use the best weapon min-maxed build with 7 level dips to beat the game on any setting.

I forgot to mention, I did go power attack & cleave feats, hence the 14 Str.

I use Elven curved blade for the same reason I have a Hellknight (Merc), it’s Pathfinder, a video game and Hellknight’s are “cooler than the other side of the pillow”.

And for the record, on “Hard” my EK is really really strong and I don’t even have “Spell critical” yet.

Yes, your build may be better in some ways but mine is better in some ways. Levels in DD are not worth waiting for Spell critical. 3 levels might not seem like much but we are talking level 16 or level 19 that’s a long wait almost all of Act 4 or more.
Besides Mithral chain can’t be dispelled and lots of enemies dispel your buffs that’s why I prefer it over Mage Armor.

Just my preference and it feels strong and very fun.

Nice build. You could go hellknight signifer after eldritch knight, to wear even heavier armor

I saw a build on YouTube the other day, I think it was FextraLife; it was Magus 10/ EK 10. Currently I’m playing a Cruomancer Wizard 3/ Eldritch Archer Magus 7/ EK 10. I’m going to merge the Lich spellbook with Wizard, and continue it with EK (caster level 22). Magus gives me Martial Weapons, Range Spell Combat, Ranged Spell Strike, Perception and Persuasion skills. And access to Opposition School spells (Divination and Illusion).

Feats: SF Necromancy, GSF Necromancy, SF Evocation, SF Conjuration, Augment Summoning, Superior Summoning, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Spell penetration, Greater Spell Penetration, Empower Spell, Reach Spell, Combat Casting, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus. For Magus Arcana, Hasted Assault + ?. Lich Feats definitely that improved Mage Armor, + ?.

The basic concept is that I use a lot of summons and undead. I buff them, debuff enemies, use battlefield control, and hit them with range touch spells and arrows. BAB= +16, +11, +6, +1.

I may even dump Wizard 3, for Crossblooded Sorcerer 1 (Undead/ Water Elemental).

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I agree the dex route forces extra feats vs raw str, and honestly unless it’s +hit, it’s kinda moot for the build. My version is a pure nuke caster using ES rapier for spell crit (mainly Chain :zap:) but also Grasp, Vamp, etc.

The multi hit proc ST from Azata is the goal plus elemental barrage. Although once again any build can get that, but the crit factor in huge

ES gets all that anyways, so the main reason for EK is for action economy capstone at L10. That’s honestly the main tradeoff for 10 lv of ES. Tying the crit potential into the free quickened :zap:

Still working out my variant build w/ best teamwork & spell feats, but willing to sacrifice some melee dmg for the cause. As I have plenty of trash mob destroying party members already.

This is my nuker vs 50ac types lol, although I realize I’m losing metamagic options with Magus and still need to land my highest/first attack roll for the Spell Strike to land. Suppose targeting a trash mob with Chain Lightning would get around that a bit, or prepping with Arcane Accuracy etc

I totally see your point on the poor utilization of the free class abilities

Will ponder the tradeoffs. Thx!