Lifting out Archetypes as classes?

As someone who looks at classes and archetypes and goes “i want it all!”, how difficult would it be to lift out an archetype and make it a class so you could multiclass into it? (“Balance? whats that?”)

Looking at the classes people made for Kingmaker it sounds like it would be not much different from that, but maybe there is some abilities that would clash?

errr, you could choose archetype, then multiclass into another class archetype? Or you mean sword saint into eldritch archer kind of thing?

Yes, the latter. Multiclassing two (or more) archetypes of the same class.

I know that having archetypes from two different classes works without any changes.

Personally if a “divine caster” archetype were available for arcane ones, or the custom class “theurge” implemented with a mod, I’d be quite happy

You mean something like the archetype Tristian has in Kingmaker (whose name I’m not going to bother trying to type out) or something like an arcane caster getting to add divine spells into their spellbook?

This has come up a few times from people who wish they could pick archetypes for the game’s joinable NPCs, like you can in Deadfire and DOS2. As a second-best option it would at least be nice if you could multiclass Amiri into mad dog, Jaethal into monster tactician, Linzi into thundercaller, Jubilost into grenadier, etc at second level. But you can’t do that in the current version of the ruleset.

You could also see this kind of thing coming in handy for, say, a monster tactician who reaches 17th level and would like to go sacred huntsman for the remaining three levels to boost the power of her animal companion. In some ways it would make more sense for MT to be a separate class anyway (could make a similar argument for viv and scion).