Lich Mythic Path: Undead Companion Timing

I’ve been playing through the Lich mythic path, and just got to Midnight Fane. Here I realized that, of the 5 undead companions you can potentially get, only two of them can be had here. I had the impression until now that at least Ciar can be grabbed in Act 3, but after googling a lot, it turns out that, no, you can’t.

With that in mind, I feel like post-Iz is too late to add new companions. This is something I realized all the way back in Baldur’s Gate when one companion (I think it was Alora) could be recruited only in Baldur’s Gate City, one of the last chapters of the game. Almost no one used her as their parties had already been formed.

Now I’m kinda feeling the same way. As a lich I want a fully undead party, but I fell like if I won’t get that until I’m about to take Threshold, it’ll be VERY unfulfilling. I’d suggest providing enough companions earlier to form a full undead party.

Once you get to Midnight Fane at the end of chapter 3 you can have 3 undead companions: Staunton, Delamere and yes, Ciar. If you do not have Ciar when you enter the Midnight Fane, you may want to reload to before you enter that place.

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Ciar takes a certain amount of time to get in act 3. The pillar should at some point inform you about Ciar and his knights scouting out the ziggurat. Afterwards it should be pretty straight forward to kill him, raise him and proceed through the Fane.

The Quest to talk with the Pillar of Skulls whom gives you quest to “unlock” Ciar pops up when you return to Drezen right after finishing the Ivory Sanctum.

Thanks for the heads up, sounds like my game bugged. I completed literally everything there is to do in Act 3 and even waited about a week just hoping to trigger stuff, and only just got to the point where the undead are warring with each other. Maybe I’ll load up a pre-Fane save and just wait out another month or so to see what happens.

That still leaves two more companions the lich can recruit that aren’t available until Act V, and one pretty much at the end thereof.

Try waiting longer than a week next time. The event should start within a month, afaik. Or wait two to make absolutely sure. Though I don’t think it will take that long for the pillar to notify you.

Ciar: You really need to get him upset in his (Wintersun) quest line, and afterwards.
The 4th companion comes at the end of act 4, the 5th rather “early” in act V . - If you can deal
with Deskari, at least. :wink:

I had him straight up calling me a murderer whenever I talked to him thanks to a failed Bluff check.

I would extend this observation to a lot of things in this game. Holding my judgement until completion, but I have a mounting dread that though I was really excited to play some of the stretch goal mythic options (Golden Dragon and Swarm that Walks) you get them so late that effectively they are as if they were not in the game which would be a huge disappointment. As people have forged the way with completions, I have noticed this is also the case for some of the companions and as you confirm particularly the case for the Lich ones…

I’ve heard that that’s particularly true for one of the iconic powers of the Swarm path. You don’t get it until Mythic 10 at which point you’re basically approaching the final dungeon.

You mean the Swarm Clones? This mythic path feature is unlocked at the end of the final dungeon - just before you battle the end boss of WotR. Realistically, the 10th mythic rank for all paths will only really take off once the first DLC story of WotR is released. Given that it plays after the main campaign.

Still disappointing that it takes so long for those paths. They could have spaced out some of the abilities to come online like the others with the final decision being where the critical story points develop. Specifically in the Swarm that walks and gold dragon that could have been an unlocking of the path at leper’s smile with a more distributed set of abilities provided after Drezen reflecting your “figuring out how to control”.

In this way they could have also made those paths unique by tying progression to you performing the appropriate options, e.g. Ivory Sanctum for StW, or defaulting to mythic hero otherwise and critical decisions such as companions choosing to leave only after your full apotheosis.

They absolutely could have been given in Drezen like the rest. The Swarm that Walks there would be like a combo between the Aeon (you encounter something that resonates with you) and the Lich (you’re walking down the path but aren’t there yet). So, you encounter the queen in Leper’s Smile and … something about it resonates with something inside your soul. You can embrace this or ignore it, just like finding the wand. This unlocks the path. In Drezen you can choose to commit yourself to the path, not becoming a Swarm that Walks until much later, but knowing that it is somehow a thing and that you want to become it.

The gold dragon is similarly something that could have come earlier. Move Hal’s encounter to late Act 2 instead of Act 3, Hal will reveal the history behind the claw instead of the Storyteller (or just his relationship to Terendelev), and come Drezen you can embrace the Dragon within, only slowly taking on features and having recurring encounters with Hal guiding you down the path and explaining what it really means, until your final transformation at the beginning of Act 5.

Agreed, this would fit well with my previous suggestions, where then they can add skills slowly over time reflecting a process of commitment and mechanically being more similar to the other paths. About the only path I foresee being a problem to apply this to would be the Devil largely because of how gimmicky it is. Though admittedly that path is more of an alternative capstone than something fully developed…