Lich Character Model Issue

The lich is kind of an odd duck - it’s one of the most powerful paths with a great spell list, and its portrait is amazing. It just kind of balances out with a goofy model that brings to mind a generic skeleton just reanimated in a peasant’s grave rather than a powerful undead spellcaster. It’s somewhat egregious that the lich character model has exposed bones everywhere when wearing gloves, boots and even full-body armor, and it’s combined with those ridiculous arm and foot wraps even if you’re wearing boots and gloves.

Armor and robes don’t fare much better, since the ribs are still visible, and my armbones are visible even when wearing full-sleeve robes and shirts.

The portrait, on the other hand, is absolutely amazing. Why is it that the fully robed lich portrait has an amazing set of gear with only the fingerbones exposed, while the lich model looks like his clothes and armor rotted off with the rest of his flesh? Even the WotR discord’s noted that the lich model isn’t quite up to par.

I hope Owlcat’s considering a visual pass over the mythic character models; the lich needs it.

Better than gay butterfly :wink: